Son of Immigrants Loves Trump So Much He’s Built an Entire Restaurant in the Former President’s Honor

Love burgers? Love Donald Trump? Then there is a place in Texas that is just right for you.

Trump Burger is located in Bellville, about an hour northwest of Houston, and was named for the former president by a second-generation immigrant, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The restaurant’s Facebook page is an endless promotion of the glories of burgers and fries — with the occasional reference to other foods as well as to Trump.

For example, a June 10 post shows a flag emblazoned with Trump’s image bearing the text: “Miss me yet?”


“Being an immigrant from a place where everything is bad and you work for almost $200, you see somebody like him to support the country and get the economy doing better. Me being an entrepreneur, I appreciate what he did,” owner Roland Beainy said.

Beainy was born in Boston and moved with his family back to their native Lebanon as a child. The family returned to the U.S. in 2019, and the restaurant opened in 2020.

“We have a lot of friends in Bellville. It’s a wonderful spot to have Trump-supported stuff, and it’s where I feel at home,” Beainy said.



As noted by Fox Business, the word “Trump” is branded on every burger bun.

There’s a joke on the menu: The Biden burger offers “1 oz beef, topped with tomato lettuce (not fresh) and our old buns (not available for cheating reasons)” for $50.99.

The restaurant surprised some with its staying power.

“I thought they’d be out of business after the elections, but you come here on the weekend, you see a big line of motorcycles, sports cars and antiques and Trump flags,” Bellville resident Brian Hajek told the Chronicle. “They’re all from out of town.”

Will Taylor, a Marine from nearby Katy, Texas, said it was not the décor he liked as much as the huge military discount.

“They’re very generous about it,” Taylor said. “More so than any other places I’ve been to.”



Beainy said there was some opposition when he opened.

“We got a lot of bad calls at the start: People who wanted to burn the place down,” he said. “It was scary at first, but we don’t have those calls anymore.


“We have a great following, and not all of them are Trump supporters. They come for the food and the service.”

Beainy said he has no ties to the former president or the Trump Organization, but he invests some of his profits toward Trump’s fundraising campaign.

“I would love to have his blessing and have him come by,” the restaurateur said. “We tried to call them — we have some friends — we’re hoping that he does soon and sees the place.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.