BREAKING: 32 Shot, 4 Dead – It’s Not In Las Vegas

The Left is using the mass shooting in Las Vegas to call for a referendum on American gun laws. But Democrats’ use of Las Vegas as evidence of a nationwide gun violence “epidemic” fails to take into account an important distinction of firearm-related deaths in America.

Mass shootings are highly publicized because of their grizzly nature. But they don’t make up the majority of gun violence cases. According to the Chicago Tribune, the city of Chicago, IL saw 32 people shot (four of them fatally) this last weekend. But because Chicago residents are wounded individually in separate crimes, they do not become the subject of intense media scrutiny.

In one incident, a Chicago man was killed along the Chicago River. His body was found at 12:15 am on Sunday on a sidewalk. In another case, a 13-year-old boy was shot in the arm while riding his bike in Little Village on Saturday.

Fortunately, the boy was found to be in good condition after he was rushed to Stroger Hospital via ambulance. Police say the suspect stepped out of a light-colored vehicle and fired on the boy.

These gruesome cases add to an exorbitantly high toll of violence in Chicago. This year, 2,877 Chicago residents have been shot. There have been 527 homicides. As shocking as these figures are, they are lower than those seen this time last year, when gun violence hit a two-decade record.

In response to the dangerous situation, Chicago police have announced an increase in crime-fighting technology, including an expansion of gunshot detection software in six more patrol districts. The question is whether this will be enough to solve this issue.

Chicago, a strong-hold of the Democrat party, has long been one the most dangerous cities in America. The incredible amount of violence in Chicago goes hand-in-hand with widespread corruption.

As noted by Chicago Business, the “Windy City” is the most corrupt major city in the US, consistently leading in convictions for public corruption. Holding the dual crowns of being both America’s most violent and corrupt city is quite an accomplishment for the Democrat-dominated town.

According to the statistics, nearly five times more people died in Chicago this year than in the Las Vegas shooting. Yet the mainstream media continually turns a blind eye to the dead and fails to hold Democrat politicians like Mayor Rahm Emanuel accountable for the city’s chaotic condition. The reason is, Chicago doesn’t fit the narrative the left-leaning press wants to spin.

Chicago saw 32 people shot (four of them fatally) last weekend. Do only mass shootings get intense media scrutiny?

That’s because, unlike the Las Vegas shooting, most of the gun violence in Chicago is crime and gang-related–and the people who commit these crimes use illegal weapons. According to the Washington Post, only one-in-five gun crimes are committed by the legal owner of the firearm. In the vast majority of cases, criminals use stolen or illegally-obtained weapons.

This makes sense. After all, registered guns can be tracked down, and the last thing criminals want is to leave a trail leading back to them. Also, many violent criminals are repeat offenders. Because laws often keep people with a criminal record from obtaining firearms, felons’ only recourse is to get an illegal gun.

Adding more restrictive gun laws to the books would not stop the mass deaths happening daily in cities like Chicago. As Second Amendment advocates repeatedly stress, gun laws only restrict law-abiding Americans–while empowering criminals.