BREAKING: Shock Gun Announcement Issued, Millions Surprised

The horrific Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting has many still mourning the 26 deaths and multiple hospitalizations. A new announcement in the wake of this event that has many Americans troubled.

According to The Washington Times, both Democrats and Republicans got together and announced a new gun control bill this Thursday. The bill would force federal agencies to report more domestic violence records to the federal background check system used for each retail gun purchase. While initially, some did not see this as a problem, others are questioning the motives of this deal.

This new deal includes Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) as well as Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). The latter two are known as some of the most prominent supporters of gun control.

Sen. Cornyn stated, “For years, agencies and states haven’t complied with the law, failing to upload these critical records without consequence.” At first glance, this sounds like a practical law.

However, his statement uses interesting verbiage that seemingly counters the need for this bill. He notes that the agencies and states haven’t complied with the law — precisely.

This bit of structuring that they want to do is already in place. If the states and agencies are not following the current laws, how can passing more laws help? Additional laws would further restrict the rights of US citizens.

For example, the shooter in the Texas church massacre, Devin Kelley, had serious criminal charges in his past. He even served time in a military prison while in the Air Force for a charge of domestic violence. He was convicted by a Court-Martial for assaulting his then-wife and fracturing the skull of his stepson.

In other words, Kelley should not have been able to purchase a gun due to his past crimes. The Air Force didn’t send the information to the appropriate federal agencies, as they should have, and he was able to get weapons because his record appeared clean.

If the laws requiring them to report his crimes didn’t work, passing more laws to force agencies to report crimes won’t make a difference. Instead, they should focus on the incompetence of the people who are not reporting the necessary information to the national database.

Thursday’s bill is also sponsored by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who also suffered a mass shooting in his state in 2015. Dylan Roof killed nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Several Senators just introduced a new gun control bill forcing federal agencies to report domestic violence records to federal databases, although laws are already in place for that. Do you support this gun bill?

Dylan Roof would have also been denied a gun if the state was competent enough to report his issues before he purchased firearms. The worry is that as the bill goes through Congressional committees, there will be expansions that infringe further on the rights of legal gun owners across the nation. Sen. Murphy stated, “It’s no secret that I believe much more needs to be done. But this bill will make sure that thousands of dangerous people are prevented from buying guns.”

Both sides have stated at the time that their latest bill is limited in scope, which was the intended outcome. But over time, it could become much broader and have severe implications for folks who do not own guns but would like to buy one in the future — especially given Democrats’ commitment to get rid of guns, which isn’t likely to subside.