ALERT: Sheriff Joe Is Under Attack

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the most beloved and popular sheriffs in all of America. His constituents respected and loved the man for his infallible defense of the border and preventing illegal immigration. But he’s come under just as much attack from liberals who hate him for it.

After Arpaio was charged with criminal contempt for violating an injunction — stemming from misunderstanding the specifics of carrying out his duties — he received a pardon from President Trump. Now many liberal legal groups are on the move and suing in an attempt to overturn the presidential pardon, according to Politico.

Two separate advocacy groups have decided to challenge Trump’s pardon of the former Arizona Sheriff, even going so far as to suggest that the move was unconstitutional because it supposedly undermined the power of the federal judiciary.

The Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center has been trying to file an amicus brief in an Arizona district court, hoping to overturn Trump’s pardon. A judge initially denied it on the basis of procedural grounds.

The second group in question, Protect Democracy Project, also filed a brief against the Sheriff. Arpaio has been accused of employing (what has been labeled as) “racist” law enforcement tactics as well as mistreating illegal immigrants.

After losing his 2016 bid for re-election, a judge found him convicted of criminal contempt after an injunction was violated for simply doing his job. Trump ended up pardoning the sheriff thanks to his “selfless public service.”

The brief filed by the MacArthur Justice Center contends that this amnesty violates the Constitution because “it has the purpose and effect of eviscerating the judicial power to enforce constitutional rights.” The lawyers for the group have made the argument that the presidential pardon power cannot be used to undermine the judiciary’s ability to enforce the Bill of Rights or the Fourteenth Amendment.

The lawyers from the Protect Democracy Project have made a similar point, arguing that the pardon violates the separation of powers and is interfering with the “powers of the Judicial Branch.”

Interestingly, Protect Democracy is a nonpartisan organization that was founded by alumni of the Obama administration. How unsurprising it is to see the former President’s influence still being exercised against the Trump administration even after leaving office.

Of course, isn’t it hypocritical of liberals to get upset that Trump is pardoning someone after having criticized President Obama for not having been willing to give pardons frequently enough?

In fact, the former President’s White House had said years ago that they were considering adding “additional clemency applications to restore a degree of justice, fairness, and proportionality for deserving individuals who do not pose a threat to public safety.” Why isn’t this an unconstitutional repudiation of the Judicial Branch?

Why is it that when Trump pardons, it’s bad, but when Obama pardons, it’s good?

Joe Arpaio is anything but a threat to public safety. His life has been dedicated to improving the safety of this nation – yet somehow this means that he deserves to go to jail?

These liberal groups will never rest, it seems. It doesn’t matter what the American people think or what’s best for the country; the only thing they want to implement is their leftist agenda by whatever means necessary.