REPORT: Did Seth Rich’s Shock Delivery Lead to His Death?

One of the most shocking stories to come out of the 2016 election was the murder of Seth Rich. This unsolved case has inspired many amateur sleuths, a large number of whom believe Rich was murdered because he sent DNC emails to WikiLeaks. These sleuths just received more ammunition thanks to newly released information.

Lawyer Jack Burkman, who has ties to the Republican Party, told Radar Online that an unnamed former DNC staffer told him on July 20, 2017, that Rich met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya during the summer of 2016. Veselnitskaya, who is best known for meeting Donald Trump, Jr. also in summer 2016, apparently met with Rich in order to discuss the possibility of Rich giving the leaked DNC emails to her.

If this is true, then Rich’s murder is possibly connected to the seedy Fusion GPS group, which has been behind some of the most virulently anti-Trump news items of the last year.

The first major story involving Fusion GPS concerned the now widely discredited Trump Dossier. According to multiple sources, former MI-6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele has admitted that he gave Buzzfeed an “unverified” dossier suggesting that Russian intelligence was blackmailing Trump because of his sexual indiscretions.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ), a long-time opponent of President Trump, believed so much in the authenticity of Steele’s dossier that he sent former State Department official, David Kramer, to the United Kingdom to retrieve it.

Another Fusion GPS employee, journalist Glenn Simpson, has agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the legitimacy of Steele’s dossier and his role in trying to shop the story around to multiple media outlets, The Daily Caller reported.

These multiple threads connect back to Veselnitskaya, who is herself a former associate of Fusion GPS. Besides digging up dirt on Trump, Fusion GPS does seem to have a working relationship with the Russian government. Specifically, the company has been hired by Moscow to advocate for the removal of the Magnitsky Act, which has denied visas and frozen assets of Russian officials that are suspected of widespread corruption.

Making this case even more bizarre is Roger Stone’s contention that Rich partied with disgraced IT official Imran Awan on the night of his death. If this is true, then Rich’s murder is tangentially tied to the ongoing scandal involving Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and her association with the Awan family.

Last week, Awan was arrested at the Dulles International Airport before he could flee to his native Pakistan. Awan is believed to be the ringleader of a criminal conspiracy involving several high-ranking Democrats. There is some evidence to suggest that Awan may have been blackmailing the DNC. There are also troubling connections between Awan and the terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood.

So far, the Democrats have responded to all of these allegations by filing a lawsuit claiming that the Trump administration pushed Fox News to publish “conspiracy theories” about Rich’s murder. The person at the heart of this lawsuit is private investigator Rod Wheeler, the man hired by the Rich family, who has changed his opinion about the murder multiple times.

The only thing that is for certain at this point is the fact that Seth Rich’s unfortunate death will continue to be a magnet for controversy.