BOMBSHELL: Sessions Issues Horrifying Terror Warning, This Is Serious

Following the recent terrorist attack in New York, many are concerned additional attacks may occur as other terrorists embedded in the United States are inspired to strike.

As The Washington Examiner reported, Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed a startling statistic that gives weight to this concern. According to the Department of Justice, there are “hundreds” of ongoing investigations into refugees who have entered this country suspected of terrorism-related activities.

The startling comment came days after Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov killed 8 people and injured at least 12 with a rental truck when he intentionally drove onto a bike lane full of pedestrians, according to CNN. Saipov has publicly and repeatedly declared his allegiance to ISIS through his own words, notes in his truck and ISIS propaganda on his phone.

It’s also reported that ISIS has claimed in their al-Naba newspaper that Saipov is their “soldier of the caliphate.” They stated that “One of the Islamic State soldiers in America attacked a number of crusaders on a street in New York City” on Tuesday.

This horrific act and the startling revelations of ISIS ties, unofficial or otherwise, has led many to call for enhanced national security. Sessions argues that these cries are entirely justified, saying that the US is lacking both manpower and resources to prevent these types of terrorist attacks due to President Trump’s travel ban being hindered by the Left.

Sessions argues that most terrorist attacks carried out in the US are by those who have immigrated to this country one way or another. “The President is determined to keep terrorists and their sympathizers from infiltrating our country. And he knows that, since 9/11, most of those convicted in our courts for international terrorism-related crimes have been foreign-born,” he said.

He called for better vetting stateside, claiming that other countries have been unable or unwilling to do proper vetting for those wishing to come to the US. “The countries covered by this order have failed, or are unable, to provide us the information necessary for proper vetting of their nationals,” he said. “How do you vet people from North Korea? How do you vet people from Syria, where war and violence continues?”

This is not to say that all refugees or immigrants to the US are terrorists — far from it. But given there are hundreds of investigations related to terrorism suspected of refugees alone suggests there is a problem. One of the best solutions to this problem and one that would save on manpower and resources would be to properly vet these individuals before they can enter the US.

It’s not a matter of targetting a race or religion; it’s a matter of common sense. The average American doesn’t let just anyone enter their home without knowing who they are or what their intentions are, regardless of their ethnicity or religion. President Trump and Attorney General Sessions are suggesting that same logic and common sense be applied to the country.

Multiple refugees in the US are being investigated for terror-related charges. Should the US temporarily stop all refugee visas?

It’s also not saying that we should cut off all immigration and bar refugees from entering the country. If they pass the vetting process, then they’re more than welcome to enter. If they fail the vetting process, it means that something about who they are, what they’ve done, or what their intentions are has raised red flags and it would be risky to permit them. It has nothing to do with race or religion, but rather merely their allegiance or affiliations, like Saipov siding with ISIS.

Stronger vetting and travel bans are obviously going to ruffle the feathers of well-intentioned individuals abroad trying to enter the US, but given the very real threat of terrorist attacks against US citizens, the frustration and hurt feelings are necessary for improved security measures.