JUST IN: AG Sessions Announces Criminal Charges Against Media

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has proven that he will do whatever it takes to make life better for the American people. He just made a bold move that could destroy many of the mainstream media channels.

Sessions announced early today that there will be steps taken to stop the “culture of leaking” we’ve had to deal with as a society, according to an official statement from the Department of Justice. The DOJ will start pressuring journalists who receive leaks from “unknown sources,” and they must reveal their sources or face criminal prosecution!

This order is a major victory for American citizens–who were promised more transparency under President Trump. Now, the media will be forced into transparency and ending the fraudulent news stories.

Sessions noted that the leaks of vital national security information have been made to the media and foreign adversaries at an alarming rate since Trump took the Oval Office.

Sessions stated, “In the first six months of this administration, DOJ has already received nearly as many criminal referrals involving unauthorized disclosures of classified information as we received in the last three years combined.”

That is a startling figure, considering how early into Trump’s term this is. Without this new system in place, who knows how many people would have leaked information to the press by the end of the year.

Sessions spoke at a press conference and stated that he was alarmed at the lack of investigations and resources going into the cases concerning leaked information. More action needed to be taken, and the attorney general is making that happen.

Sessions announced that the DOJ is charging four people who were caught leaking information with “unlawfully disclosing classified material or of concealing contacts with foreign intelligence officers,” according to Western Journalism. There is nowhere left for the media to hide.

Hopefully, journalism reverts to the responsibility and objectivism that it once had. If journalists fear imprisonment, they should refuse leaked information and release their sources.

Anonymous sources can tell journalists anything and provide no facts, yet the media today consistently reports the allegations. Thanks to Sessions, the days of irresponsible reporting are over. The American people deserve truthful media. They have not been given the truth for quite some time.

President Trump has declared that unauthorized leakers in his administration will pay a heavy price, and this announcement by the Attorney General bears that out. Will Sessions’ announcement end the leaking?

Sessions also said that he directed the National Security Divison and US Attorneys to prioritize cases where unauthorized chunks of information were disclosed to a third party.

The members of the media now face a choice. They can either report honestly–citing real, tangible facts and sources–or they can face legal consequences.