Secret Service agent threatens to go public on Clinton sex trips

It is no mystery that former-President Bill Clinton was caught in multiple sexual scandals before and after his presidency. Now news is trickling out that could devastate the Clintons forever.

Dan Bongino, a former Clinton Secret Service employee, was recently interviewed on Tucker Carlson’s show where he dropped a bombshell about the corruption in Clinton’s circle. He is also speaking out on Twitter against another Clinton employee, Nick Merrill. Merrill said Clinton was a joy to work for and there were no problems there. Bongino responded, “Be careful Nick, people know things not yet released publically about your messiah Hillary. Don’t poke the bear loser; you may not like the results. $#Epstein #EmailGate.”

Bongino’s response is important for two reasons. First, he is speaking out against people trying to cover-up corruption within the system — something the Clintons are familiar with.

Merrill is trying to dismiss Bongino’s claims because he feels like the Clintons are so powerful that no one will catch on to the story. He is wrong.

Also of importance in Bongino’s tweet is that he referenced Epstein. He is, of course, referencing the billionaire and alleged sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

Reports say that Bill Clinton used to ditch his Secret Service to go to Epstein’s island. Clinton would board the “Lolita Express,” a jet that shuttles rich men to Epstein’s own private island.

Instead of using the secluded location to discuss important business matters away from the eyes of the media, the island is used for much more sinister purposes.

After Epstein was arrested in 2005, he admitted what happened on his private island. He said that he would use the island as a place to arrange sexual liaisons between the men that would come there–who were always rich and powerful–and underage girls.

It was then revealed in 2016 documents that Clinton took trips to this island at least five times. When considering Clinton’s own sexual misconduct, it’s a possibility that he may have had some involvement in the underage prostitution taking place.

Bongino’s tweet suggests that he knows more damning details about the Clinton Family and Epstein. Things could get messy for the Clintons as Bongino continues to go public with information regarding his time in the Secret Service.

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino is revealing sensitive information about the Clintons. Will this sink the Clintons politically?

The former Secret Service agent described Hillary Clinton this way: “I found (her) to be the most deceptive human being; manipulative political person in a position of power I’d ever met in my entire life.”

The words are harsh, but Bongino’s close time spent with the Clintons gave him a better insight than any political analyst could have regarding Mrs. Clinton’s personality in private. The evidence seems to be piling on the Clinton Family and is looking bad for their dynasty — especially if she is faced with more investigations.

Bongino will undoubtedly release more stories about his time with the Clintons. There is a treasure trove of information that he is hinting about releasing. Will this be the final nail in the Democrats’ coffin? Only time will tell, but it is not looking promising for either Clinton or the cronies that work underneath them.