BREAKING: Navy SEAL Issues Urgent Terror Warning

We have seen a whole host of terrorist attacks in places like France and, most recently, England this year. Now, it seems a new threat is on the horizon.

According to Fox News, Rob O’Neill, the Navy SEAL responsible for taking the shots that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, delivered a chilling message. News broke that al Quaeda is calling on terrorists to attack US and European train systems–and are even providing them with a guide to do it. O’Neill stated that America must practice “vigilance of the realization of not a politically correct threat but of an actual threat of people who want to kill you because they don’t like us.”

The point that O’Neill made was clear. In recent days we have heard that ISIS is the core threat that needs to be taken out. However, al Qaeda is just as deadly, and lurking in the shadows.

Despite the al Queda threat falling into the shadows, let’s not forget what O’Neill said, “They still hate us.” This plan to disrupt train stations across the US and Europe is a clear sign of their hatred.

O’Neill went on to say that if they do have just one successful terrorist attack on a train station it could massively damage the economy. The long term effects could be devastating.

The Navy SEAL clarified, “If they derail a train and all of a sudden people don’t want to go on trains anymore, that’s going to affect the economy.” Plus, the loss of life due to such an attack would be devastating.

The news of al Queda’s goal came from their online magazine ironically enough called Inspire. According to The Telegraph, the magazine shows a step by step tutorial on how to make a “derail tool.” The repercussions of an attack on the railway system is a very serious matter.

It seems that their goal is to cause fear, which we already knew, and to also force governments to use strict airport-style security on the railways. In other words, it would burn up valuable resources and time.

Both American and British intelligence organizations are looking at the case closely so that every preventive measure imaginable can be implemented. The problem here is this. Since there have been many attacks on al Queda as a centralized entity, they are taking the “lone wolf” approach to achieving mayhem and destruction, according to The Washington Free Beacon.


The author of the article in the online magazine, is Ibrahim al-Asiri, a top leader and bomb maker for al Qaeda. He encouraged members to try this method of attacking railways because they would be bustling, and no one would think otherwise.

While ISIS is the core threat to America and needs to be taken out, al Qaeda is calling for followers to bomb trains. Is al Qaeda still a threat to America?

In the piece, al-Asiri wrote, “In America, trains are considered to be among the most important means of transportation within the country.” He went on to say, “What becomes apparent is that it is too difficult to protect these means of transportation. And here is where we find it’s vulnerability…”

As you can see, O’Neill has a perfectly valid point. Americans can’t forget that these people literally want to murder us. The social justice, politically correct problems need to be placed on the back burner so that real threats can be stopped.