ALERT: Secret Service Issues Horrifying Warning About Trump’s Safety

A former Secret Service agent and conservative talk show host has done his research about President Trump’s security. Unfortunately, it appears that the President is in more danger than he realizes.

Dan Bongino, conservative talk-show host, congressional candidate, and former Secret Service agent wrote in his new book, Protecting The President, that Trump has much to be worried about. “The threats to the White House and the President are swiftly evolving in this new era of weaponized drones, micro-sized video surveillance technology, vehicle attacks on civilians, small arms tactical assaults, and technologically advanced and difficult-to-detect explosives. And if the decision makers in the Secret Introduction Service refuse to evolve with this series of threats, then, tragically, we may suffer the first loss of a president since John F. Kennedy.”

Bongino describes the once revered agency as now suffering from what he calls an “existential crisis” considering the recent scandals that have surfaced. Even worse, he believes that unless there is some reform to the organization, Donald Trump’s life is in danger.

One of the main reasons identified by Bongino is what he calls “mission creep,” in which the agency has over committed and over exhausted itself, having lost sight of its primary mission to protect the President — a mission it’s held since it was incorporated into the Department of Homeland Security.

He says that morale has been “devastated” because of the increasing number of events designated National Special Security Events, with almost every national summit or sports event demanding Secret Service protection.

In other words, the agency has found itself getting spread thin and overextended in areas that shouldn’t be their focus. This is, of course, aside from their other main duties, investigating counterfeiting and fraud.

With management that’s “unresponsive,” overworked agents find themselves constantly on the road and being assigned an endless number of protection assignments with little sleep or downtime. Apparently, the compensation structure for the Secret Service is worse than other agencies – explaining why many agents want to transfer out as quickly as possible.

“The Secret Service cannot effectively protect the President in the future with its current portfolio of problems,” wrote Bongino. “Mission creep has saddled the Secret Service with an expanded plate of responsibilities that it no longer has the manpower, budget, or training to effectively handle.”

“When combined with a special agent pay scale that incentivizes Secret Services agents to seek employment elsewhere within the federal law enforcement alphabet soup of agencies, it’s no surprise that failures have begun to pile up within the Secret Service,” he continued.

President Trump faces unprecedented danger from new technologies and modes of attack. Do you fear for his safety?

There have been many scandals recently within the Service. Of note is an instance when the US military detail assigned to Vice President Mike Pence was fired after being caught on video bringing women back to their hotel in Latin America.

In yet another case, eight Secret Service agents under President Obama lost their jobs when they were caught taking prostitutes from a strip club back to their hotel rooms. At first, it seemed shocking that such experienced security personnel would make such lapses in judgment. If what Bongino wrote is accurate, and management has been working these agents to exhaustion, one can see how even veteran agents could start to make mistakes under the weight of neverending assignments.

These vulnerabilities in Trump’s agents couldn’t come at a worse time, as few presidents have been under greater threat of assassination than the current one. With countless celebrities promoting violence against the President and even some elected officials making similar comments as well, the environment has never been more precarious for an actual assassination plot to emerge.