School Cancels Activities and Athletics After Mysterious Symptoms Spread Across Student Body

A flu-like illness has ravaged nearly half of a school’s entire student body, prompting a swift response.

Stafford High School, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, announced that all school activities and functions this weekend had been canceled, with a reassessment slated for Monday.

A school representative told WRC-TV that the ill were showing “flu-like and gastrointestinal symptoms.”

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Stafford High School currently has 2,009 students enrolled. This mystery illness has hit roughly half the students there.

Naturally, commentators on the Stafford Facebook post noting the closure were concerned about cleaning and COVID.

“Will the school be closed at any point for a more thorough cleaning??” one commentator asked.

Of note, one of the responses to that inquiry mentioned that the school had sent out a separate email denoting that they would be doing a thorough cleaning of the campus.

“How can you post a statement like that and not even mention the possibility of COVID-19 infections? COVID-19 also can have flu-like symptoms (fever, coughing, sore throat, GI problems). You should be encouraging both the antigen test and PCR test for COVID,” another commentator complained.

“Covid outbreak,” a different commentator said.

Stafford High School’s in-house pandemic, unfortunately, continues a startlingly somber pattern of perfectly healthy young people being afflicted with some debilitating illness.

Stafford High hasn’t mentioned or listed any deaths, but sadly, the same cannot be said for other healthy young people in the world lately.

There was an up-and-coming soccer star who was a mere 13 years old when he collapsed during a soccer game.

There was the case of a veteran funeral director lamenting the “massive increase in death rate exclusively in young jab recipients.”

Just last week, a U.S. Army soldier, only 18, was found dead in his barracks.

The representative who spoke to WRC-TV also noted that school officials are working with the health department to try and identify the root cause of the illness.

As of this writing, there have been no updates on the activity cancellations, and school appears to be slated to operate as normal on Monday.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.