School Doesn’t Play National Anthem, So Players Take Matters Into Own Hands

The controversy within the NFL over standing or kneeling to support or protest the national anthem is having a ripple effect that many didn’t see coming. Middle and high school football teams around the country are even feeling the impact of these senseless protests.

One parent, Chell Byrnes, took to Facebook to tell the story of the team her child plays on. The school in question is Carman-Ainsworth Middle School in Flint, Michigan. They refused to play the national anthem before the game, so the kids took the event into their own hands. They stood together, arm and arm, and sang the national anthem by themselves!

The national anthem, one of the few things that is supposed to unite Americans, has managed to divide the country because of the Left’s ideology. It all started last season when Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel during the national anthem.

He allegedly did so to combat “police brutality” and “racism.” Almost predictably for the Left, there are no signs of him doing anything beyond an unpatriotic symbolic gesture.

When football season rolled around this year, Kaepernick’s protests were all but forgotten. The only time he was mentioned was when the topic came up about how “disgusted” people were with him and how it was appropriate that the NFL wouldn’t hire someone controversial who quit on their last contract.

Not long after those events, a couple of players started kneeling, and the subject came up for debate again. President Trump announced how he felt about the situation during a speech in Alabama.

The president said that he believes anyone who protests the national anthem — regardless of cause — should be fired. Democrats didn’t take that news well and started to mass protest between week two and week three of the regular season.

There was a major backlash, and the NFL ticket numbers and viewership dropped substantially. Now, everyone who was protesting seems to be taking a step back, realizing that they are damaging their reputation and potentially putting their livelihoods at risk.

Take those events, and then shrink them down to the events at this middle school. Byrnes’s post reads, “Amazing class demonstrated by Lapeer Lightning Freshmen football team!!! After we were told per the Carman Ainsworth announcer they won’t be playing the pregame national anthem our team stood proud, saluted the flag and sung it themselves, our crowd stood with them for every note! Very proud to be a Lightning Mom tonight!!”

It is astounding to see middle schools taking steps to eliminate patriotism from the education system just for the sake of protestors. One would think that they, if anyone, should strive to teach unity and patriotism.

Instead, they are subverting the very idea of loving one’s country at a young age — or at least trying to achieve that goal. These children stepped up and showed that they are not afraid to show love for their country.

Michigan public school won’t play anthem so kids stood together, arm and arm, and sang the national anthem by themselves! Shouldn’t public schools sing the National Anthem?

This “intimidation” mentality is a big issue in every facet of Americans’ lives thanks to the fascist-like Democrats looking to impose their will at every bend and at all cost. They are going to continue their efforts as long as no one stands up to them.

If middle schoolers are capable of standing up to them, that should be a message so strong that they have to stop and listen.