WATCH: Scaramucci Issues Urgent Warning To Trump. It’s Bad.

Anthony Scaramucci had a turbulent run inside the White House as the communications director. Even after getting fired just 11 days into his position, for his infamous inappropriate interview, it seems that he still wants to help the president by giving him a stern warning.

During an interview with ABC News, Scaramucci revealed some information that everyone in the country needs to see and understand. “The president is not a representative of the political establishment, and so, for whatever reason, people have made a decision that they want to eject him,” Scaramucci stated. The matter-of-fact tone of voice suggested that this is something Scaramucci has heard or noticed first hand.

“It’s almost like he’s opened up the door now for America’s CEOs and America’s billionaires to enter the Washington political system. The members of the political class do not like that,” he confirmed.

The message Scaramucci wanted to get across is clear. The big wigs in Washington are not happy that someone outside of their circle is in a position with such power. During his interview with George Stephanopoulos, they talked about this issue, as well as the leakers within the White House.

Scaramucci elaborated a little more on his statements by talking about how there are certain “elements” in the White House that are causing problems for President Trump. He then explained how these problems are clogging up the president’s plans for the future.

The subject shifted to the people who have currently been fired or forced out of the White House, including Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer. Scaramucci explained that he thinks these were “strategic” moves, and he foresees more moves of this kind happening in the future.

Stephanopoulos then asked him about his nickname, “suicide bomber,” referring to the notion of being someone who went into the White House and took himself and others out. Scaramucci laughed off the notion and said he is more like “Wolf” from Pulp Fiction, as in someone who cleans up messy situations.

So, just how messy is the White House right now? Well, it certainly is not as clean as it should be considering the replacements. As Scaramucci mentioned, there will be more changes in the future until the leakers are eventually weeded out.

One of the core promises Scaramucci made when he entered his position as communications director was that he would hunt down all of the staff members of the White House who were caught leaking information. “I’m going to fire everybody, that’s how I’m going to do it,” Scaramucci stated, according to USA Today.

The Trump administration has suffered from an unprecedented number of leaks, which have done damage to the president’s agenda. Do you think Trump will ever be able to purge all of the leakers from his White House?

Scaramucci’s rambunctious attitude did not sit well with many, including the president. After making such bold statements, and giving such a toxic interview, it is no surprise that he was let go from his position early.

It is not yet confirmed if and how much information Spicer and Priebus may have allowed out, but if they were involved in the leaking and Scaramucci spotlighted them by his presence, that’s a start.

Now, with new information showing private conversations leaking from within the White House, we have to wonder who else could be leaking this top secret information. Only time will tell.