Scandal Unfolds as Public Realizes Who Is Overseeing California Attorney General’s Budget

The California Attorney General’s wife is overseeing his own state budget.

California Assemblymember Mia Bonta is slated to oversee the budget of the California Attorney General’s Office after her appointment this month to a budget subcommittee that handles public safety agencies, according to the Sacramento Bee.

There’s a major conflict of interest.

Mia Bonta is married to California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

Her role on the committee will give her say in determining how much funding her husband’s state agency receives.

Mia Bonta rebuffed scrutiny from a journalist on the conflict of interest in a heated discussion on Friday.

In reading a prepared statement, Mia Bonta appeared flustered in responding to criticism over the conflict of interest.

The Democrat pointed to her own district’s problems involving gun violence and the “carceral system,” continuing to decline to recuse herself from votes that would determine the attorney general’s budget.

Mia Bonta previously described inquiries regarding the conflict of interest as motivated by “racism and sexism.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom brushed off concerns over the conflict of interest, dismissing the matter as the responsibility of the state legislature.

State Assemblyman Devon Mathis, a Republican, criticized the arrangement as unethical.

Rob Bonta hasn’t spoken publicly about the conflict of interest.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.