BOMBSHELL: Jaw-Dropping Scandal On Mueller’s Watch. The Media Won’t Report It.

Some have felt it ironic that former FBI Director Robert Mueller would be assigned to lead an investigation into the Russia-Trump scandal, despite having a shocking record of scandals himself.

The Gateway Pundit recently published a list featuring a large number of major scandals that took place while Robert Mueller was director of FBI. The Special Counsel investigator, formerly described as a figure that is “utterly incorruptible,” seems to be more than willing to look the other way when it comes to scandals corresponding to the Democratic Party.

The mainstream media has been doing their utmost to push Mueller’s alleged credibility and reliability in this investigation. In truth, the man is hardly as “incorruptible” as his proponents would like to think.

Crimes and scandals involving government officials were completely ignored–if not covered up–by the FBI during Mueller’s stint as director. The number of these crimes and scandals is significant.

In recent memory, Mueller had given free passes to many of the Clintons’ shady dealings. The Russian Uranium Deal saw Hillary Clinton’s State Department approve the sale of 20 percent of America’s Uranium to the Russians–an arrangement that subsequently led to millions of dollars in donations to The Clinton Foundation.

Mueller also allowed Hillary Clinton to dodge the Freedom of Information Act requirements by using a private email server to conduct official department business. She also received and sent classified top secret information on an unsecured system in what was an outright violation of protocol.

Another scandal that Mueller disregarded was the Fast and Furious debacle, which allowed 2000 guns to be purchased illegally inside the United States and then walked into Mexico to be handed to the hardened criminals of the drug cartels.

Privacy advocates will be disturbed to know that Mueller did nothing during the many post-9/11 years in which the NSA conducted warrantless surveillance over the American people. The measures violated the Fourth Amendment in a hidden crime that would take Edward Snowden’s revelations to the public’s attention.

Even worse, Mueller has a work history with Booz Allen Hamilton, a private company outsourced by the NSA for “spy” related matters, according to NPR. With these previous ties, it’s no wonder that Mueller kept his mouth shut about the ongoing surveillance conducted by the NSA.

The list goes on and on, including scandals such as the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, the Walter Reed neglect scandal, the falsification of Iraq War intelligence, and many other cases of equal–if not greater–severity.

Democrats and liberal Republicans have extolled the virtues of Robert Mueller as the choice for Special Counsel in the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Do the many scandals under Mueller’s tenure as FBI director disqualify him from the Special Counsel position?

Despite this, you don’t hear the media complain or criticize the legitimacy of Mueller’s supposed “impartial investigation.” For a man so highly lauded for his character and integrity, those very same characteristics seem shockingly absent when he served under previous administrations.

Conservatives around the nation are calling for Mueller to resign, and given these questionable non-actions, their demands are warranted. The Department of Justice has warned the Special Counsel to stay within the boundaries of the investigation.

He doesn’t have free reign to expand his investigation. Hopefully, he keeps this in mind.