JUST IN: South Carolina Defies Liberals With Epic Pro-Trump Move

South Carolina just made a bold move; a move in the right direction for our nation as a whole. Liberals are not going to be happy about the new state-wide executive order, but it was necessary and can save many lives.

The order was signed into effect by Gov. Henry McMaster (R). It prevents abortion organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, from receiving any funds on both a state and local level. According to Life Site News, the order bars funds “via grant, contract, state-administered funds, or any other form,” to any doctor’s office that works hand in hand with abortion clinics throughout the state.

This order will apply to “any physician or professional medical practice affiliated with an abortion clinic and operating concurrently with – and in the same physical, geographic location footprint as – an abortion clinic,” according to the official statement from the governor’s office.

The order goes on to explain that there are a plethora of different organizations that women can go to that provide health care, but do not fund abortion. The goal is to take the value of life into consideration, and condoners of abortion have shown time and time again that they have complete disregard for the lives of unborn babies.

When looking at the order, you can see that it states as much in plain English. South Carolina values the life and liberty of the unborn. When state money is going toward abortion clinics, it is going against everything that the state stands for in this goal.

Loopholes allow abortion clinics to use Medicaid funding by listing the purpose as an “other” service. This order was designed to try and close off those loopholes and give more babies a chance at life; babies who would otherwise be denied.

The order points out, “Abortion providers often focus primarily on abortion-related services and procedures.” There is no denying that fact. When it appears as “other service” on the invoice, the odds are this is the system exploiting the previously mentioned loophole.

McMaster pointed out that there are a number of different agencies designed to make sure that women receive the health care they deserve. These agencies remain taxpayer funded. The only difference is that these places do not provide abortion advice, procedures, or care.

There is even an added feature that is designed to help women get the health care they require. If a place is not funded on a state level due to providing abortions, the South Carolina Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Health & Environmental Control will provide facilities that do offer taxpayer care within a 25-mile radius of the abortion clinic.

South Carolina governor signed an order that prevents abortion organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, from receiving any funds on both a state and local level. Do you agree with this move?

The decision by McMaster was no doubt inspired by President Trump’s championed law, passed back in April 2017. The law allows individual states to defund Planned Parenthood, forcing the organizations to be run by private donations.

It has been documented that Planned Parenthood and its network of providers perform the most number of abortions in the country. The lives of nearly 300,000 babies are stripped every single year by this organization.

In recent months, the organization has come under fire for selling aborted fetal tissue, accepting donations from racists, and being responsible for covering up the criminal sexual abuse of children. This change was much needed for North Carolina and will help push them in the right direction.