Michael Savage Predicted Horrifying Attack Just Before It Happened

We’ve all had a sense that something horrible is about to happen. We’ve all had that vague feeling of dread that we can’t quite put our finger on. You just know somehow that things are about to boil over, that near-misses of the past are eventually going to end in catastrophe. We all know what that’s like, but not many of us have anticipated a terrorist attack or an assassination attempt.

As reported on World Net Daily, Michael Savage had that very sense of approaching evil, and he told his listeners about it on his radio show: “I don’t know how much more of this the country can take. We are at a boiling point. There’s going to be a civil war.”

Savage was commenting on several things including the shot Kathy Griffin took against the president when she posted the ISIS style photo of a decapitated Trump as well as the play that took place in Central Park, “Julius Caesar,” where they ‘assassinated’ President Trump.

Savage said that things like this is are what will cause another civil war. In fact, he noted to his listeners about the mock play where they pretended to assassinate the president, “it’s clearly illegal to assassinate a president, even in a mock way.”

Here’s where his commentary reached its peak:

“Do you understand that there are people out there who are marginal, who are going to go off like a rocket and kill somebody? Do you understand what this left-wing is becoming in this country?”

Savage wasn’t the only one making predictions the day before the shooting happened. Another talk-show host, Rush Limbaugh, also made a few of his own predictions about what is going to happen with this country soon if things don’t change. In fact, Limbaugh had a prediction of his own about the situations happening in this country and what he thought was going to happen soon. Here’s what he said on his radio show:

“At some point these people are gonna crack, and they’re not gonna just start cutting heads off of dolls, and they’re not gonna just start using fake knives to stab people at Central Park.”

The shooting happened last Wednesday when a gunman, who was identified as a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, opened fire on the Republicans while at their Congressional baseball practice game in Virginia.

The suspect in the shooting, James T. Hodgkinson, from Belleville, Illinois ended up shooting and critically injuring Majority Whip Steve Scalise. After several surgeries, Scalise is still in critical condition.

The killer is a member of several anti-Republican groups including one called, “Terminate the Republican Party.” The day before the shooting, Michael Savage said, “If they keep this up, I’m telling you, there is going to be an explosion in this country.”

Michael Savage isn’t a prophet, and he doesn’t have a crystal ball. But the fact that he was able to predict this attack just before it happened means that this sort of violence isn’t happening at random. These attacks are foreseeable, and we know that because prominent conservatives did forsee them. 

It’s time for liberals across the country to take some responsibility and stop treating their countrymen like enemies to be crushed.

Sadly, all this newfound talk of civility will probably evaporate before Congressman Scalise even leaves the hospital, but that’s one prediction this author would love to be wrong about.