BREAKING: Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ New Hat Has Liberals In Meltdown Mode

Will Americans ever see a day when liberals just calm down? It seems that almost every single thing President Trump or his staff does is scrutinized, analyzed, and condemned by those on the Left. The mainstream media now seems to be so desperate that they feel the need to try and make a scandal out of a simple fashion choice.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s new hat, given to her by a fan in Texas, is causing a stir among the rabid anti-Trump liberals in the media, according to Independent Journal Review. The hat says, “Make America Texas.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ended up getting an interesting souvenir as Trump and his staff visited the ravaged areas of Texas on Tuesday. Specifically, she was spotted on Air Force One wearing a baseball hat reading “Make America Texas,” an unmistakable resemblance to Trump’s own iconic “Make America Great Again” hat.

“They seem to love @PressSec in Texas, who collected a souvenir in the Lone Star State,” tweeted Josh Dawsey of Politico, posting a picture of the press secretary with her new hat.

The Christian author Don Wood sells these hats for $35 on his website. He started promoting his caps during the presidential election. “After all, we all know the thing that makes America great…is Texas,” the author wrote on his website.

Donald and Melania Trump both wore their own choice of headwear, with the president wearing a white “USA” cap and the first lady opting for another that read “FLOTUS.”

But is this really such a shocking story that the mainstream news media needs to cover it? There are so many more important things happening in this country that deserve more coverage, yet outlets are choosing to make a big deal over some hats.

These are our elected representatives, not fashion models, but the mainstream news media is apparently so desperate to spin Trump and his staff in some kind of negative light that they might as well give it a shot with their choice of criticizing fashion.

As you can imagine, Twitter commenters were quite divided, some disliking Sanders’s choice while others enjoyed the message the hat sent.

“I hate her even more now,” tweeted one critic. “Meanwhile the Sister in the back of the room was overheard when she uttered: ‘B***h,’” wrote another one.


Some people, thankfully, appreciated the press secretary’s sense of humor. “We love her too! She does an amazing job, always composed, in that hostile environment,” wrote one Twitter user.

First Melania’s shoes, then Sarah’s hat. Should the media focus on some REAL news?

The fashion critique came amidst other “scandals,” as Melania Trump was photographed leaving the White House wearing stiletto heels, leading critics to chastise her for her choice of footwear as she traveled to Texas. Of course, she changed mid-flight into a pair of white sneakers more appropriate for the weather conditions.

It looks like controversy seems to surround the Trump administration wherever they go, but not for the reasons the mainstream media would be correct in covering. Hopefully, this “hat-mania” will be a short-lived story and the media will return to covering truly important news.