Sanders Invites Canadian Doctor on Show…Then She Admits 1 Embarrassing Detail

One of the core arguments we often hear from the Democrats is that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. They believe wholeheartedly that everyone should get “free” healthcare, including Socialist-lite, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sen. Sanders had Dr. Danielle Martin, a Canadian Doctor on his podcast, the Bernie Sanders Show. His goal was to show that a single-payer health care system is amazing, and therefore, we should all love Sanders’ Medicare-for-all bill. It all backfired when Martin revealed, with disgust, that it could take well over a year to get health care service, according to Free Beacon.

Sanders was trying to ease the minds of Americans, and asked the doctor about the concerns that many Americans have about the long wait times in Canada. He obviously had Martin on the show hoping that she would follow along blindly and support his bill for the United States.

Martin admitted, “Having said that, we do have a problem with wait times for what we call elective or non-urgent procedures.” Sanders then asked the obvious question — how long the “average” wait time would be.

He was not ready for Martin’s response when she said, “It depends on where you are in the country. Sometimes it’s a few months, sometimes it’s a year.”

Martin went on to confirm that “it’s sometimes been even longer than that.” She described the atrocious wait times as “totally unacceptable,” something the Senator no doubt didn’t want to hear.

The doctor went on to explain that she thinks that this is not something that should have to happen in Canada’s healthcare system. She does not understand why people are being forced to wait this long for procedures.

It was at this moment that Sanders realized his plan to get Martin to whip Americans into supporting his Medicare-for-all bill was failing miserably. It admittedly doesn’t look good when someone who supports a universal health care system can’t find one prominent person to speak highly of it.

Many people find it odd that the only ones who say that universal healthcare is a fantastic concept are individuals who don’t have universal healthcare. Canada has always been seen as a shining example of what our country could be, but when you look at the idea from a logical point of view, it is quite alarming.

To make matters worse, Sanders said his Medicare-for-all bill is only going to cost $32 trillion. It is not entirely clear where all that money is going to come from, but the idea of healthcare for all just sounds like pie in the sky — promises that can’t be kept.

Sanders also seems to forget that, along with the wait times that go beyond one year, there is also the poor quality of care that comes along with universal healthcare. It is much less personal, and people do not get the individual care that they need.

Bernie Sanders needs to step back and reconsider his position. If he is having a hard time handpicking someone to talk about the wonders of socialized medicine maybe, just maybe, it isn’t so wonderous after all.