BREAKING: Sadie Robertson Posts Chilling Message About “3 Men in a Van.”

Even in a country as blessed as ours, the world can be a scary place, and you never know who or what may be lurking behind the corner.

Sadie Robertson, actress and reality television star on the show Duck Dynasty, found that out for herself when she was followed by three men in a white van. (via Fox News)

The frightful encounter first started while she was at the mall. After going to her car in the parking lot, that’s where they were waiting for her.

She didn’t reveal the entirety of the story, but stated on her Instagram account:

“Tonight was a very frightening night. I walked out into the parking garage and saw a white van parked beside my car with 3 men that had previously been following me in the mall…You hear this story all the time… I won’t go into the details of mine however I’m very thankful tonight to be writing y’all a message of awareness. Even though we serve a GOOD God let me remind you that scary things can happen at any time, because until the day Jesus comes back evil will still be in the world.” (via Sadie Robertson’s Instagram)

She continued by writing how thankful she was for the joy she had in her life, and reminding her fans that she does “not have to fear anything in the world because this world is not my home, I’m thankful for the big picture, and honestly, I’m really thankful for good people.”

The actress revealed that she called her biological father for comfort, but ultimately leaned on her Heavenly Father as well as lyrics from the worship band Hillsong United in this scary moment. (via Christian Post)

Sadie would also issue a warning to the millennial generation to remember to “be aware of your surroundings. We aren’t necessarily the most aware of our surroundings generation, but a minute of not paying attention tonight could of created a whole different life for me.” She ended her note with a prayer for bravery from others, stating, “I’m praying for bravery over every person who encounters a situation like the one I did tonight.”

These are important reminders in a time like this. There have always been evil people with sinister intentions, but one can’t help but notice the upturn in violence and crime as we see this nation slowly drift away from what it originally was meant to be. This country has deeply Christian spiritual roots, and America was founded by men of great faith in God. The annals of the Constitutional Convention memorably record that nearly every delegate was a man of deep faith in God, and many were even ministers. Sadly, America has drifted from her roots, and the consequences have been severe: increased crime, animosity, and sinfulness abound.

Sadie Robertson’s experience may very well be one of many canaries in the cultural coal mine, as we see how things develop in the future for this country. Regardless, it is comforting to know that though we don’t know the future, we serve the God whole holds tomorrow in His hand.