Russian expert says Biden is showing too much weakness against Putin during Ukraine invasion

Experts from both sides of the political aisle have continued to criticize President Joe Biden for his handling of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, with some arguing that Biden isn’t using the full might of the United States’ influence to put an end to Vladimir Putin’s deadly aggression.

According to Fox News, Rebekah Koffler, who is a former DIA intelligence officer and expert on Putin and Russia, argues that Biden is currently “playing our very strong hand in a very weak way” with regard to deterring Russia from continuing its invasion of neighboring Ukraine. 

Koffler went on to say that most Russians see their country’s invasion of Ukraine as a sort of proxy war between Russia and the United States.

“We are on a geopolitical collision course with Russia,” Koffler said. “Our national interests are irreconcilable, the way that both countries define them.”

Inevitable war?

Koffler explained that Putin’s ultimate goal is to re-establish some semblance of the former Soviet Union by bringing former Soviet states, like Ukraine, back under Russia’s wing.

Because the United States’s aim is to prevent anything like that from happening again, many believe war between the two superpowers is closer than one might be aware.

“So, sooner or later, the Russian General Staff, which is the strategic planning authority, the brain trust of the Russian military, has concluded through their current assessment that a war is inevitable between Russia and the U.S.,” Koffler said.

“The cardinal rule of deterrence is to convince your opponent that the cost of his hostile action will by far outweigh the benefits, and Biden has done the exact opposite,” she added.

Koffler went on to blame Biden for allowing Putin to build up nearly 200,000 troops on the border it shares with Ukraine, in the first place, claiming the U.S. president’s decision to allow it to happen was akin to telegraphing American weakness by not deterring it.

“Three-dimensional battle”

At its core, Koffler says the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is a “three-dimensional battle of the wills” between President Biden, President Putin, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

She explained that Zelenskyy, despite being up against one of the most powerful militaries in the world, is winning that particular battle between world leaders.

“And yet, Zelenskyy seems to be winning, despite the fact that the Ukrainian military is so much inferior to Russia. But his will to fight and his leadership style inspiring the Ukrainian people is basically putting Putin on the heels. By the same token, Putin, despite having weaker military, much weaker economy, has been able to outmaneuver Biden.”