ALERT: Russian Leader Drops Trump Bombshell, Media Humiliated

Tensions between the United States and Russia have escalated to high levels due to the insistence of American lawmakers that Russia be punished for alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Following President Trump’s signing of new sanctions against Russia on Wednesday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev slammed America and Trump, calling the move tantamount to a “trade war,” according to Reuters. The hostilities between the Trump administration and Russia put in doubt the “Russian collusion” narrative favored by the Left-wing media.

President Trump reluctantly signed the bill passed by high margins in both houses of Congress, CNN reported. With a 98-2 vote in the Senate and a 419-3 vote in the House, the Russia sanctions bill had more than enough congressional support to override a presidential veto.

The sanctions bill, which also targets Iran and North Korea, is aimed at punishing Russia for alleged interference in the 2016 election. It’s the latest in a series of hostile political moves between Washington and the Kremlin.

As reported by The Hill, Vladimir Putin preemptively responded to the sanctions bill by expelling 755 US diplomats from Russia and seizing two American diplomatic properties in Moscow.

This comes after Obama seized two Russian mansions in the United States last year, as reported by the Miami Herald. Obama’s move was also in response to the election meddling supposedly orchestrated by the Russian government.

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev had very harsh words for President Trump. In a Facebook post, he wrote: “First, it ends hopes for improving our relations with the new US administration. Second, it is a declaration of a full-fledged economic war on Russia.”

Medvedev went on to assert that the bill was a way for the political establishment to weaken President Trump: “The Trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating way…The US establishment fully outwitted Trump; the president is not happy about the new sanctions, yet he could not but sign the bill.”

Finally, Medvedev asserted that the establishment will continue looking for ways to “remove” President Trump. “The issue of new sanctions came about, primarily, as another way to knock Trump down a peg. New steps are to come, and they will ultimately aim to remove him from power.”

Indeed, the president was reluctant to sign the sanctions. The Daily Caller noted that President Trump blames Congress for bringing US-Russia relations to an all-time low. Trump also protested that the new bill limits the president’s constitutional executive power to negotiate with foreign nations. It grants Congress the authority to approve or veto any changes in sanctions the president wishes to impose.

The mainstream media has been mercilessly advancing the false Trump-Russia collusion story even as the administration’s agenda is harsh on Russia. Do you agree with Congress’s move against Russia?

According to NBC News, the president slammed Congress for passing the sanctions bill with huge bipartisan support while failing to repeal Obamacare. A Rasmussen poll shows that only 15% of Americans currently view Congress favorably.

Congress justified its sanctions citing Russian election interference. However, as noted by liberal outlet Slate, US intelligence agencies have never examined the DNC servers themselves, instead relying on an assessment by private security firm CrowdStrike–a private contractor hired by the DNC. Under the current Congress, US foreign policy is being driven by evidence-bereft conspiracy theories.