Russia “Scandal” Shredded With Leaked Grand Jury Bombshell

Ever since taking residence in Washington, D.C., President Donald Trump has been the target of aggressive leakers who seem committed to ruining his administration. Just recently, many of Trump’s critics rejoiced at the news that special counsel Robert Mueller has empaneled a grand jury.

According to Howard Kurtz of Fox News, a longtime critic of the shady practices of the American media, has essentially told all Americans to relax. Rather than a “sign that his inquiry is growing in intensity” (the words of the Wall Street Journal, which broke the story), Kurtz claims that this is simply what counsel does.

Logically speaking, Kurtz is right. The news about Mueller’s empaneling simply means that the investigation is starting the process of forming a jury.

However, in the hyperventilating atmosphere of Washington, D.C. and in the mainstream media, such standard operating procedures have been turned into “bombshells” that could “ruin” President Trump.

Despite this, the Trump administration does have somethings to be worried about.

The formation of a grand jury makes it much more difficult for President Trump to fire him. Also, reports indicate that Mueller’s team has so far focused on recruiting people from Washington, D.C. and the surrounding suburbs. These are some of the most solidly anti-Trump regions of the country, thus bringing into question the potential bias of the jury.

Leaked information regarding Mueller’s investigation also may be a disappointment to those Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans who sincerely believe that Trump willfully colluded with the Russian government in order to win the 2016 election.

So far, Mueller has issued subpoenas to Donald Trump, Jr. over his meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and to Jared Kushner regarding his business ties with Russia.

In other words, Mueller has crossed President Trump’s “red line” by expanding his probe and investigating financial matters rather than political ones.

Given this information, more and more Trump supporters have begun denouncing Mueller’s investigation as nothing but a “witch hunt” designed to help give Congress back to the Democrats in 2018.

Others, like long-time political insider Roger Stone, believe that Mueller’s investigation will not topple President Trump, but will charge one of his team members with certain infractions or crimes.

More broadly, the American Right sees the entire Mueller investigation as part of a “deep state” operation aimed at dismantling or otherwise retarding the Trump administration. This idea received more ammunition this week when it was discovered that General H.R. McMaster sent out a letter giving former Obama-era National Security advisor Susan Rice unfettered access to American intelligence reports.

Under McMaster’s watch, Rice kept her security clearance and may not face charges of espionage against the Trump transition team. This information has caused many in Trump’s base to demand that McMaster be fired. So far, President Trump has stood by the general despite many assertions that he is anti-Israel, pro-Hamas, and is politically allied with anti-Trump Republicans like John McCain (R-A.Z.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

In total, the story of Mr. Mueller’s grand jury is both overblown, and seriously bad news for President Trump and his administration.