Civil Rights Leader Drops Truth Bomb On Confederate Statues, Race-Baiters Horrified

Here’s an inconvenient truth for the left. Apparently not all black Americans believe that Confederate statues should be removed.

In a recent press conference, Civil rights icon and former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young stated that he does not support the effort to remove Confederate monuments, according to AJC. He believes that fighting this battle could have negative consequences.

Young said, “We have paid too great a price in trying to bring people together.” He made his statements during a press conference in which he endorsed Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell for the city’s mayor.

The press conference was held days after violence broke out at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA. A woman was killed by a white supremacist when he drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters. Participants in the demonstration were protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

In the aftermath of the incident, President Donald Trump gave varied messages in response — many believe that he failed to condemn white supremacy when given the opportunity. People on the left criticized him for rightly stating that violence occurred on both sides of the conflict.

Young referred to the efforts in the early 2000s to replace the Confederate battle emblem on the Georgia flag, stating that the fight caused the Democrats to lose the governorship of the state. He argued that if they hadn’t been preoccupied with this conflict, they would have brought 3,000 jobs to the state.

“I’ve always been interested more in substance over symbols,” the former mayor said. He added “If the truth be known, we’ve had as much agony but also glory under the United States flag that flew over segregated American, it flew over slavery.

The Confederate statue issue has been raging in the United States for the past few months. Those who support removal state that the monuments represent slavery and bigotry and should not be allowed in the public sphere.

People who oppose removal argue that these memorials should remain to remind us of our history — even the ugly parts. Young seems to believe that the battle is not worth fighting. But what do other black Americans think? The answer might surprise you.

Civil rights icon and former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young stated that he does not support the effort to remove Confederate monuments. Should we be more concerned about substance over symbols?

A recent survey released by NPR and PBS News analyzed the opinions of Americans on the issue. The results were surprising. A majority of black Americans believe the statues should remain.

The poll revealed that 40% of blacks wanted the statues removed. 11% weren’t sure what should be done with the monuments. 44% believed the statues should not be taken down. It appears a plurality of black Americans understand the importance of remembering what happened in our history.

In the end, it should be up to the state to decide the fate of Confederate memorials. However, the icons remind us of one of the ugliest periods in American history. American slavery was an evil institution — and a bloody war was fought to end the practice. As the saying goes, “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” We would be well-advised to make sure that we remember this moment in our nation’s story.