Rick Perry torches President Biden, says he makes Jimmy Carter look like a genius

Never before in U.S. history has a president and his administration failed the country so horribly inside of one year in office, and former Gov. Rick Perry (R) just revealed how bad things are.

In a recent op-ed for Fox News, Perry insisted that Biden is doing such a terrible job managing the U.S. economy that he actually beat the decades-old, gold standard of mismanaging economies, which everyone knows is former President Jimmy Carter. 

Virtually nobody thought anyone in the White House, especially with technological advances and unlimited access to the brightest and best economist minds, could ever screw things up as bad as Carter did, but here we are.

Comparing Biden to Carter has become quite popular on social media, with a number of memes that suggest Carter will pass away with some comfort knowing he’s no longer considered the most ineffective president in American history.

Crippling inflation

Citing historic and bank account-crippling inflation of 8.5%, with no real end in sight, Perry began his op-ed with the obvious.

“President Joe Biden has accomplished in just 14 months what many thought was impossible — surpassing President Jimmy Carter as the most incompetent steward of the American economy,” Perry wrote.

He added: “Those of us who lived through the ’70s remember the fuel lines at the pump, staggering inflation, and Soviet aggression. There was a sense that America was in decline. What Carter termed ‘malaise’ was actually the product of his terrible policies that hollowed out the middle class while inviting tyrants and adversaries to test American strength.”

“President Biden’s actions to date appear to be directly taken from President Carter’s playbook.”

Perry went on to cite supply chain problems and excessive spending in the Carter administration that look much like what’s happening today, sans a pandemic. The former Texas governor went on to cite the “disastrous energy policies reminiscent of the Carter era” currently crippling America.

“Misunderstanding of energy”

Being a former Energy Secretary under the Trump administration, Perry focused his op-ed on Biden’s lack of understanding of the American energy market and how crucial it is to national security.

“President Carter assumed office during a difficult period for the American economy, and his policies led to further difficulties for Americans and created a period of economic recession. Biden is now on track to repeat this blunder, and his repeated misunderstanding of energy is the driving factor,” Perry wrote.

Perry wrote that it’s “unacceptable” for a nation with access to some of the richest and most plentiful reserves in the world to be faltering like it currently is, and he’s exactly right.