WATCH: Condoleeza Rice Destroys NFL Anthem Sitters In Viral Video Clip

In the wake of the NFL players protests across the nation, more people are starting to stand up, so to speak, and talk about the situation as a whole. The latest person to voice her opinion on the protesters is former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Rice appeared on Fox News during The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino to talk about the subject.  Rice made it crystal clear: “I personally believe very strongly that the American flag stands for the millions of people who have sacrificed over the years,” she noted, adding it’s a “symbol of the fact that we have greater freedoms” as opposed to other countries. Many cheered her on from their TVs as the interview continued.

When the interview started, Rice said what we have all been thinking. “We do need to get off this controversy.” It is to the point now where sports has become politicized due to narratives run by channels like ESPN.

The original intent of these protests was to draw attention to issues of alleged racial injustice and police brutality, specifically as it refers to African Americans. As Rice stated, the opposite has occurred.

These protests have instead succeeded in drawing attention away from the issues they were allegedly supposed to draw attention to from the start. The former Secretary of State commented on this precise point.

“Whatever the players were trying to do in drawing attention to these issues, it’s gone another way now in that people have stopped listening to each other,” Rice argued.

It is no mystery as to why people have stopped listening; it is because this protest has turned into a whole new monster. The underlying tone is that they want to kneel because of “all of these bad things,” yet, never directly address these things they mention.

Instead, they use any opportunity to try and bash President Trump, or things that he has said about NFL players kneeling. If one was truly standing up against racial injustice, they wouldn’t care what anyone else had to say about it, they would advocate.

The conversation around protesting has reached a fever pitch in light of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s release of a statement on this issue. He surprised many when he said that he would consider changing the rules to force NFL players to stand during the anthem, according to Fox News.

Condoleezza Rice believes the American flag stands for the millions of people who have sacrificed over the years. Does dishonoring the flag dishonor the dead?

This is a win for the country and patriotism on the whole. The Left has worked to demonize anyone who is willing to show pride for their country, which doesn’t make much sense considering the only reason these people have the right to whine is that they are afforded the protections the United States provides.

Luckily, that also gives people like Rice the right to explain that they are being unpatriotic and disrespecting the flag, our military, and our country by executing these senseless, fruitless, protests.

Moving forward, it is going to be interesting to see how the NFL players handle this rule change, if and when it occurs. Hopefully, consequences are exacted, and we can finally get back to enjoying football again!