Restaurant's 9/11 Seafood Sunday Promotion Backfires After Irreverent Menu Listings Are Seen

A Virginia country club accidentally upset customers with its Sept. 11 memorial deals.

Specifically, the Clubhouse at Aquia Harbour, located roughly an hour outside Washington, added a series of 9/11-themed foods in a move that some customers felt was out of touch.

Among the offerings were foods called “First Responder Flatbread,” “9-11 Oysters” and “Flight 93 Redirect” crab dip, according to Fox News.

One item was named “2977 Chowder,” which appears to be a reference to the number of people killed during the infamous terror attack.

Although the menu was taken down, Mike Signton of NBC Universal shared a screenshot on Twitter.

“Virginia country club thought it was a good idea to have a 9/11 themed menu for this Sunday, September 11,” Singleton wrote.

Additional items shown on the menu include “Pentagon Pie,” “Freedom Flounder,” “Never Forget Sampler” and “Remember-tini.”

Following the public outcry, the club’s manager George White apologized via a Facebook post.

“My intention was to bring attention to that horrific day 21 years ago,” White wrote, according to Fox News.

“To honor those who lost so much as well as those who gave everything that day.”

“I apologize for those I offended with the 9/11 seafood Sunday post.”

Speaking with Fox News, many patrons of the country club voiced their outrage over the food deals, describing them as insensitive.

“I’m just kind of shocked that someone would, you know, use that as a way of getting I guess customers to come in? I don’t know,” one woman said.

“It’s a time for remembrance and reflection, and I don’t know if that menu depicted that type of situation,” another man added.

The menu has since been replaced with a new “Seafood Sunday” menu and all of the food items have been given new football-themed names.

The new items include “Offense Oysters,” “Fumble Flounder” and “Field Gold Flatbread,” according to Fox News.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.