Every Republican Member Of The House Judiciary Committee Just Signed This Letter To Jeff Sessions

The Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee have taken their responsibility to us and our country very seriously. They have demanded Jeff Sessions do the same.

According to Breitbart, every single one of these Republicans have signed a letter which calls on Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the corruption cabal: Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey. 

The failures of the Justice Department and the FBI in their previous investigations into Hillary Clinton are largely due to the former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and the former FBI Director James Comey. The Committee has begun their own investigation into these formerly powerful people, but it’s not enough.

Neither is it enough to just appoint a special prosecutor and expect they will do the job. We have to assume that Clinton-connected agents remain in the two organizations, so the Republicans behind this letter took the time to spell out exactly what this special prosecutor needs to investigate, so there can be no misunderstandings and nothing can be overlooked.

The Republicans are demanding the special prosecutor go all the way back to Clinton’s mishandling of classified information. They want every scrap of detail about how the investigation failed so badly, including why Loretta Lynch told Comey to call it a “matter,” why a grand jury was not called, and why immunity deals were given.

The letter names Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, and John Bentel as those who received immunity, but also demands to know if there were others and what the consequences of each of these deals were.

Neither is the DNC getting off scot-free. The Committee demands to know about any unlawful access to the DNC’s computer systems, and to reveal what kind of collusion the DNC committed with the Clinton campaign.

Republicans have also directed this special prosecutor to examine the Clinton Foundation, including what information Wikileaks has on the foundation and any illegal activity it has been involved in — even overseas.

Where do Loretta Lynch and James Comey fit into all of this? Well, Comey has potentially leaked information as far back as 1993, which desperately needs to be examined. Lynch’s potential involvement in unmasking of US citizens, and in the wire-tapping of President Trump, both need to be uncovered.

Speaking of unmasking, the committee wants to know if anyone had knowledge of the unmasking of people related to Trump’s campaign or transition team– including Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and anyone in the Obama Administration.

Perhaps the most dire issue the committee wants the special prosecutor to uncover is whether the conversations between President Trump and James Comey were leaked specifically to lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor in the supposed Russia scandal.

With all of this illegal activity and failures of our legal system to look into, it’s truly shocking that the Democrats are worried about the Russia “scandal” which is composed of entirely unfounded and unreasonable accusations.

As the Democrats focus on the wrong issues, to distract from the Clinton cabal’s crimes, faith in our legal system is at an all-time low. As our Republicans in the committee know — each of these issues must be fully investigated by a special prosecutor and the guilty parties must be brought to justice.