WATCH: Reporter Humiliates Antifa Protesters With 1 Simple Question

Antifa has become a talking point for both sides of the political spectrum. A recent set of interviews during a protest in Laguna Beach, California revealed some interesting information about the Anarcho-Communist group.

The goal of the interviews was to meet with these people on an individual basis and talk to them in order to find out what led them to attend the protest. Out of all of the interviews that took place, one of the most memorable started with “What are you protesting?” The clueless look left on the protesters face will give you an idea of what exactly their movement stands for.

Recently, the narrative surfaced that Antifa protesters are just as brave as the Allied troops on D-Day, saving us all from the Nazis. These interviews show how far from “heroes” these people truly are.

In fact, the answers given range from incompetent to down right dangerous.  The reporter asked one member to define the Alt-Right. Her response was “It’s kind of like, newer rightist ideology that tries to — I feel like I’m an idiot because I’m on the spot right now.”

Most people would argue that if one is willing to put on a mask, go to a protest, and scream obscenities at people they don’t even know, they should at least the reason for being there, and who they’re claiming to fight against.

Another replied, “So the ‘Alt-Right’ I would call it a loose connection of this new wave right-wing sort of — not radicals — but they have a strong emphasis on white supremacy.”

Oddly enough, another replied, “Maybe not even white supremacy but more Capitalism and closed borders.” Antifa protesters seem to have no agreement among them on the definition of the very ideology they are fighting.

Here is where it gets frightening. During the interviews, the reporter discovered a group of “hardcore” Antifa members who were promoting the use of violence to stop the “Alt-Right.”

One member said advocating a need to find and beat members of the Alt-Right, take their stuff, then “Leave them alive hurting and bleeding in their cowardice.” This is not the first time they have discussed hurting people, and in fact, they have hurt people via makeshift weapons and pepper spray.

The worst response was that they should deal with the Alt-Right the “same way we dealt with them in World War II: Kill them. There’s no other way.” It appears Antifa is sliding down a slippery slope from violence to outright murder.

These protests were going on for a few months prior to the incident at Charlottesville, Virginia. Antifa managed to shut down speeches from people like Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Gavin McInnis, according to USA Today.

Tensions increased when the incident that occurred on the streets of Charlottesville resulted in the death of one woman, and injured 19 others. Now Antifa is showing up at protests around the country more frequently. They will keep coming, and it seems that they can’t be reasoned with rationally.

Only time will tell what happens next. The hope of the people is that Antifa fades into the background and stops the senseless violence, but that doesn’t appear likely.