WATCH: Liberal Reporter Reveals Truth About Hillary’s Russiagate Accusations

Democrats still can’t seem to accept that they lost the presidential election, and it’s becoming an absurd spectacle.

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Andrew Mitchell, a close friend to the Clintons, stated the Hillary campaign’s accusation of Trump working with Russia to affect the election’s outcome is “conspiracy theory” without any evidence.

In Mitchell’s own words, she said: “Well, she, first of all, really drilled down on the fake news, the role of Infowars, and said that it was very clear to her that there were Americans directing and colluding, conspiring really with the Russian hackers, with Guccifer, with the others who were involved in the hacking, in the dropping of WikiLeaks only an hour after the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was disclosed, and saying that they were doing so with such political sophistication. She’s basically pointing to the Trump campaign, saying that the dots are now being connected in the investigation.”

Yes, Clinton believes — or claims to believe — that the “fake news” going after her and the DNC’s hacked emails released during her campaign were a result of the Russians “guided by Americans.”

“She mentioned Jared Kushner. She mentioned Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, in the context of the fact that the Mercers, the big fundraisers who contribute to the campaign and had — and owned Cambridge Analytics had said to Trump, bring on Bannon from Breitbart. Bring on Kellyanne Conway, who are already on their payroll, as part of a deal, and that they connected with the data bank and the RNC.

So, she is drawing a conspiracy theory. She doesn’t have the evidence, but she is obviously hoping that this is what –that Robert Mueller and what the congressional committee’s going to do,” Mitchell told MSNBC viewers.

This all ties back to a separate MSNBC interview with Hillary Clinton, where she pushed the idea that the Russians had to have collaborated with Americans to get such information. She said, “So the Russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counter-intel people I’ve talked to, could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided […] by Americans and people who had polling and data (via RealClearPolitics).

Of course, Clinton believes that Russians hacked her emails and “gave” to them to Trump’s campaign. This is same Trump who continues to support the notion of U.S. troops along the Russian border – the people who allegedly helped him with the election.

Currently, there is yet to be a single shred of concrete evidence that links Russia to interference in the election. It has all been hearsay up to this point. Ironically, however, there have been instances of election rigging in major Democratic states, such as the state of Virginia – and there’s evidence to back it up.

In a detailed WikiLeaks book titled “Shattered,” the author, Jonathan Allen, lays out the plan that the “blame Russia” narrative was hatched within 24 hours of  the election loss. This hasn’t turned out to be very helpful for the Democrats. But as they continue to look for more avenues to derail President Trump, it will be interesting to see how he handles the conflict.