WATCH: Reporter Exposes Kaepernick’s Nasty Secret On Live TV

Colin Kaepernick continues to struggle with unemployment. He is being hounded by his anti-American political stances which have hurt NFL ratings and tarnished his reputation with mainstream America. He’s even gone so far as to accept the help of director Spike Lee at a rally for him outside NFL headquarters in New York, CBS Sports reports.

On Fox News, sports host Jason Whitlock gave a unique insight into Kaepernick’s ultimate goal for this rally: Kaepernick wants a “shakedown” of the NFL, politicizing it and turning it into a cultural weapon of the Left like Hollywood.

Whitlock, who co-hosts Speak for Yourself on Fox Sports 1, was quick to point out the irrationality of liberal accusations that Kaepernick’s continued status as a free agent is due to racism within the NFL.

The Philadelphia Tribune even published an extensive editorial on how racism in the NFL “goes beyond” Kaepernick. Whitlock stated a basic fact that 70 percent of NFL players are black–a statistic backed up by liberal outlet Huffington Post.

Whitlock went on to assert that the NFL produces more black millionaires than other big-money entertainment industry, including Hollywood. For the Fox Sports host, charges of racism against the NFL have little foundation.

Whitlock believes the racial hysteria promoted by Kaepernick and Spike Lee is actually about transforming the NFL into something more akin to political Hollywood–an instrument of the progressive Left.

“This, to me, is starting to smell like a shakedown of the NFL owners,” Whitlock said. “This is the Tawana Brawley of football. This false narrative of the racist NFL owners keeping [Kaepernick] out.” In other words, the accusations of racism are only a pretext.

The real reason NFL owners aren’t picking up Kaepernick is that his talent doesn’t justify the financial losses a team would suffer by signing such an unpopular player. For NFL owners, money is the driving factor.

As Breitbart reports, Kaepernick’s constant liberal political activism (most famously his refusal to honor the National Anthem) has directly hurt NFL ratings. A poll of people who watch fewer NFL games found 25 percent of them cite the National Anthem protests as the major reason. NFL audiences, which tend to be more culturally conservative, are tuning out.

Kaepernick received renewed media attention after the Miami Dolphins chose retired quarterback Jay Cutler as a replacement for the injured Ryan Tennehill, as reported by NFL. Kaepernick was allegedly also under consideration for the Dolphin’s quarterback position. His supporters concluded that he was overlooked due to race.

Again, business–not racial politics–is the driving force behind NFL picks. In November of last year, The Daily Mail¬†reported that Kaepernick came under fire for wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt and then defending the politics of the Cuban dictator.

Miami has a large expatriated Cuban community, many of whom fled their home country to escape persecution under the Castro regime. Picking Kaepernick after his pro-Castro comments would have put the Dolphins at odds with their fan base.

People in business have long known the importance of keeping personal political views out of the workplace–it only makes for a loss of customers. However, Kaepernick and Spike Lee apparently want to turn the NFL into Hollywood–where the only way to get ahead is by conforming to a politically liberal point of view.

For the moment, it seems Kaepernick will continue to face disappointment regarding his unemployment situation. Fortunately for him, he made millions of dollars before he took a knee.