Report shows how SCOTUS played a role in the recent district court decision to end the CDC’s transportation mask mandate

CNN just released a report demonstrating how previous decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court played a key role in the decision of the district court judge who put an end to the Biden administration’s transportation mask mandate. 

This is the decision that has caused the left to lose its mind recently. It has to do with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) coronavirus face mask mandate for individuals, ages two and older, who use public transportation.

U.S. District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, a 35-year-old appointee of former President Donald Trump, struck the mandate down. She agreed with those challenging the mandate that the CDC doesn’t have the authority to issue such an order.

Since then, Mizelle has become one of the left’s chief targets.

A closer look at Mizelle’s decision

CNN on Tuesday released an article titled, “How the Supreme Court’s conservatives influenced the ruling against the CDC mask requirement.”

The outlet writes:

The Supreme Court’s vaccine and eviction-related decisions were cited throughout Florida US District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle’s decision that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded statutory authority and violated procedures for new agency regulations when it first imposed the mask mandate last year.

CNN, here, was referring to two separate U.S. Supreme Court decisions: the one where the court struck down the Biden administration’s coronavirus vaccine requirement for large employers and the one where the court refused to allow the administration to extend a moratorium on evictions.

CNN continues:

Throughout her 59-page opinion, Mizelle, a former law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas, the longest-serving member of the current high court, and its most conservative, echoed the skepticism from the high court’s right wing for government’s assertions of pandemic urgency.

The outlet adds:

She cited recent high court precedent as she found that the CDC overstepped its statutory authority and failed to abide by the Administrative Procedure Act, which requires public notice and time for comment before new rules take effect.

What now?

The big question that everyone wants to know is whether the Biden administration will appeal Mizelle’s ruling.

The question remains unanswered.

But, the fact that past Supreme Court decisions played a role in Mizelle’s decision might dissuade the Biden administration from doing so.