Love Against Hate: Why Christians Must Reject Hatred

To love someone means to see him as God intended him

—Fyodor Dostoevsky 

Let us talk about love. The word “love” has been disgracefully cheapened over the last few decades. In the 1960s, “free love” meant unfettered hedonism, or the pursuit of pleasures of the flesh. In the 1970s and 1980s, “love” came to mean self-love, or the vain pursuit of self-interest.

Now, thanks to the oft-used phrase “Love Trumps Hate,” “love” has been turned upside down in order to mean hatred—hatred of the family, hatred of the West, hatred of tradition, hatred of Christianity. No word is more abused in the modern lexicon quite like “love.”

And unfortunately, conservatives (and Christians) fall prey to the sickening allure of hatred as well.

At Christian News Alerts, we reject bigotry and make no excuses for “conservatives” who deny the dignity and individual worth of every single human being.

This is part of the reason we started this publication. We will never oppose anyone because of who they are. Instead, we focus on what people believe and what they actually do.

We firmly believe in the Golden RuleDo unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Christian Love Means Rejecting Hate…And Leftism

The great G.K. Chesterton once called Christianity “the religion of the most practical section of mankind.” Chesterton elaborated further by saying that Christianity “builds far better roads” than any religion on Earth. Why? Because Christ’s love is everywhere and is everywhere selfless. It transcends petty squabbles and even generations-long battles.

The modern Left claims to be about love, but is often filled with hate. They harbor hate for the nuclear family, which is the greatest bulwark against the all-pervasive state. Leftists hate tradition, for tradition stops people from relentlessly pursuing progress for the sake of progress. Most of all, Leftism hates conservatism because conservatism seeks to conserve those things that are most precious in Christendom.

Most importantly, it condemns all form of disagreement as inherently bigoted.

Be a Christian and Be Conservative By Fighting Hate 

Hatred is a radical notion, and radicalism goes against conservatism. Therefore, we stand against promoting hatred against people who disagree with us or don’t look or worship like us. Rather, we seek to preserve for posterity the true faith of Christ and the culture that flourishes under Christian principles. It is easy to give in to the temptations of hatred and malice. We will not heed the call, for hatred goes against Jesus’ teachings.

We Take Our Stand 

In the midst of this modern world, where death is celebrated and the beautiful is vilified, we seek a traditional path towards finding God and promoting conservatism. What is old is new again, and we believe that the best way to improve America can be found in the simple wisdom of the Old and New Testament and the Constitution. Every man, woman and child deserves respect, and the Holy Bible and U.S. Constitution formalize this.

We will no longer muddy the word “love,” but lift it up into the sky as the guiding star that directs our movement.

Christian News Alerts will always be dedicated to bringing out the very best in people and in culture. We will not back down from this fight, nor will we let bigotry and darkness pervert our hearts.

For as the late great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Let us drive out hate together.