WATCH: Ronald Reagan Knew This in 1975 and It’s Still True Today

Ronald Reagan is often viewed as one of the best presidents this country has ever had. There are many reasons for this, but one such reason has to do with his view of government.

On multiple occasions, including his first inaugural address, he made it clear how he felt about the government. Reagan said that government is not the solution to our problem, rather “Government is the problem.” It is important to understand the context of this statement and how it is relevant in today’s world.

First, Reagan was obviously not anti-government. In the context of his comments, he was stating that he was pro-individual, which is something that all but disappeared until President Trump came along.

In his inaugural address, Reagan was trying to get the people to understand that increasing taxes and regulation was not going to help get anyone out of an economic hole. Big government, at least in the context of economic structure, is not going to solve all problems.

Presidents such as Nixon and Carter did everything in their power to make sure that big government thrived. This was something that Reagan saw as problematic and needed to be curbed as soon as possible.

His plans for ending the vicious cycle of big government were quite easy to understand, though fans of big government obviously disapproved.

One of the pillars for resolving this issue was to stop government spending. The more government spends, the bigger the national debt becomes, and it turns into a battle that cannot be won. It will keep growing, and cause more problems down the road — and it did just that.

Reagan also sought to reduce income taxes. This put more value back into the pocket of the individuals, leading to more consumer spending. While traditionally “free” money doesn’t increase the economy, it does if it comes in the form of tax cuts.

Another way that Reagan wanted to cut the role of government was to roll back the regulations on business. As seen today, regulating businesses cause nothing but trouble for business owners, workers, and consumers. The red tape becomes a little too much at times and makes expanding difficult.

Finally, Reagan wanted to cut the expansion of America’s money supply. The problem with getting money from the Fed is that it’s a cycle that never ends. Getting more money means owing more money, and this all leads back to his first pillar of shrinking big government.

Does this method sound familiar? If it doesn’t, it should. This is essentially the basis of which President Trump ran on and it got him elected.

President Trump has stated a need for reducing the national debt (limit government spending). He has also called for massive tax cuts (cutting down on the federal income tax). Also the deregulation of business, which Trump successfully cut back when he started tearing down Obama’s red tape. Reagan had the right idea, and it would appear that President Trump thinks similarly. The government needs to shrink, and power must be restored to the people.