The far left spent the last 8 years making unprecedented gains in academia, media, and some of the world’s largest corporations.

Now they’re starting to use the most important tool they have for censorship: control over the Internet itself.

The biggest tech companies have realized that they have enormous power. If they stop you from getting conservative emails or seeing conservative articles on Facebook, they can stop the flow of information and stifle conservatism. Period.

To fight this, we’ve revealed a simple, powerful way to bypass these mega-corporations and get the truth directly to you.

The Next Part of This Article Is Important:

The way you can pass the gatekeepers is called “Desktop Push Notifications” and if you sign up for it, we can send updates directly to you without having to worry about getting banned or censored by companies that don’t like our message.

Just do this 1 thing:

  1. to bypass the tech companies.

This message is important. Most conservatives don’t realize how powerful tech companies are when it comes to silencing conservatives.

If you want to help fight back, you can do that right now by .