WATCH: Rand Paul Drops Wikileaks Bombshell, People Are Stunned

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), had an interview on Fox News‘ Fox & Friends Wednesday. During the meeting, they eventually got to the topic of the Wikileaks, and things got quite interesting.

A significant chunk of the interview was spent talking about the role reversal we have seen now that the DNC seems to be caught up in multiple scandals involving Russia, despite their whining over the Trump-Russia collusion. At one point, Sen. Paul endorsed the rumor that Wikileaks received the DNC emails from a leaker and not a hacker.

“It amazes me for a year the Democrats have been whining, whining, saying they lost to the Russians,” Sen. Paul said. Now, it appears that the DNC played a part in buying the now-infamous Dossier originally released by Buzzfeed.

Furthermore, the rumors claiming that WikiLeaks leaked Clinton’s emails to another Democrat is also alive and well. Sen. Paul noted the irony during his interview.

“Everything blamed on Republicans looks like what they were responsible for,” he said. Everything we have heard up until this point seems to be circling back around, and the finger is pointed directly at Democrats.

When it comes to learning about political opponents, politicians sometimes use “opposition research.” This is a process wherein, among other things, researchers look for faults in a candidate or politician (or “dirt”) that may hurt them on the campaign trail, or threaten their active status in politics. It’s something that is very commonplace in today’s day and age.

“We’re spending millions and millions of dollars on committee investigations, special prosecutors, all because Hillary Clinton can’t admit she lost because she was a bad candidate,” Mr. Paul noted, alluding to Robert Mueller’s special counsel.

Fusion¬†GPS, the company that conducted the “research” into President Trump, and released the dossier, was also a topic of discussion. The Washington Post stated that a GOP donor hired Fusion GPS, and then the Democrats — after the DNC took it over.

Sen. Paul said, “It might have been one of the other primary candidates.” He continued, “There were 16 of them. All I can say is it wasn’t me.”

The interview continued as Sen. Paul discussed Sen. Jeff Flake, (R-AZ), as well as his dramatic retirement speech. Sen. Paul confirmed that he has another view on President Trump, but he isn’t afraid to stand up to him.

The DNC claims of Trump-Russia collusion have been up-ended. Do you believe that the DNC has ties to Russia?

“Look, I’ve been willing to go stand toe-to-toe with the president when I disagree with him on policy but I’m willing to support the president when I agree on policy like cutting taxes. I think the president is one of the boldest people we had in the White House on cutting taxes. I will support him there. That doesn’t mean I will always support him,” the Senator confirmed.

We have an interesting view on how a sitting Senator feels about some of the rumors that the DNC may be immensely involved with Russia, the dossier on President Trump, and more. Sen. Paul is apparently not ready to rule these off as a simple conspiracy. We will have to see where it goes from here.