REPORT: Raiders THREW GAME Over Anthem Protest

While the sports media has been busy lionizing a pack of ingrates for protesting the national anthem, one major story has flown under the radar that, if true, would undermine the entire narrative.

According to the Armstrong and Getty Show, there is some circumstantial evidence that shows that the Oakland Raiders may have thrown the game on Sunday. Why? Because their quarterback refused to kneel during the national anthem. 

The two biggest pieces of evidence are: 1) quarterback Derek Carr was sacked two times in a row by defenders who barely faced any resistance from the Oakland offensive line, and 2) several catchable passes were dropped by Raiders receivers.

Another facet to all of this is the fact that Carr was not sacked at all last season. In one game against the Washington Redskins, Carr was sacked four times.

Many on the internet have picked up on the racial angle of this story, for most of the protesting Raiders were black, while Carr is white.

Armstrong and Getty also pointed to the fact that some sources have quoted a member of the Raiders offensive line saying: “If he [Carr] wants to stand alone (for the National Anthem), he can stand alone on the field.”

The radio duo further asked whether or not such actions will be repeated.

“At least for one game, it seems to be a message that was sent,” the pair said. “Maybe it was brief, maybe it was ‘alright, we’re going to let him get hit a couple times, see if he gets the message, but we don’t know.”

This story took an even more disturbing turn when one unnamed reporter who covers the Raiders told the show that an Oakland official threatened to “blackball” him if he reported on the scandal.

One should always be wary of stories involving unnamed sources. That being said, this story does raise a few eyebrows.

It is also hard not to notice the racism at play here. Specifically, the original kneeler, Colin Kaepernick, always intended for his protest to be about America’s “systemic racism” and his belief that American police officers deliberately target African Americans.

While many commentators have refused to make a big deal about it, many online commentators, especially those who belong to the black and white nationalist camps, have used the racial divide of the NFL protests to showcase how civic nationalism can never defeat racial or ethnic nationalism.

So far, many Americans of all colors have voiced their discontent with the actions of these well-paid athletes. Ratings and attendance are down, and if more comes out about the subterfuge of the Raiders, then it is likely that the NFL’s numbers will dip even more.

If this story is indeed true, then people should protest how Derek Carr was singled out and abused for his political beliefs. After all, people protested in favor of Colin Kaepernick. Shouldn’t Carr receive the same treatment?

Don’t hold your breath.

If nothing else, this story and the NFL national anthem protests have exposed the fact that anti-American athletes are a privileged class. Their more patriotic counterparts have no such privilege.