BREAKING: Putin Issues Shock Trump Announcement, Stunning Media

The media loves to paint President Donald Trump as a caricature. He is often portrayed as either a buffoon or a vile monster. One world leader knows the truth — the real Donald Trump is intelligent and incisive.

After their meeting at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the press that the “Trump on television very much differs from the man in reality.” Putin described Trump as “very concrete” and one who “analyzes and answers questions” quickly. (via WSJ reporter Anton Troianovski)

Overall, the Russian leader had nothing but positive things to say about President Trump following their first face-to-face meeting.

Leftists who continue to cling to the now discredited Trump-Russia “collusion” theory will use Putin’s words as ammunition to show that the two leaders have a convivial relationship.

However, during their meeting, President Trump did ask Putin about Russia’s possible meddling into worldwide elections.

On the other hand, Trump and Putin put their brains to work during their brief meeting. Ultimately, both countries, along with the Kingdom of Jordan, agreed to a cease-fire in southwestern Syria. So far, the cease-fire has held in that region which is being contested by Russian-supported SAA troops, American-backed rebels, and ISIS fighters.

It is possible that this successful cease-fire could prod other nations to come to the negotiating table in regards to the Syrian civil war. It could also signal a new relationship between Moscow and Washington which could provide future victories in the international War on Terrorism.

For instance, now that a struggling ISIS is looking to expand their reach in Central Asia, thus making them a direct threat to Russia, America and Russia could cooperate on a joint Central Asia policy that would include the restive regions of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and the Russian republics of Dagestan and Chechnya.

Another benefit of a strengthened U.S.-Russia alliance is the possibility of involving Beijing in counter-terrorism efforts in Central Asia. After all, Uighur separatists and jihadists pose the biggest internal threat to the Chinese Communist Party. Uighur fighters have also been known to fight on behalf of the Taliban, therefore making them an enemy of the United States.

A China fully onboard with counter-terrorism efforts in Central Asia could be more easily swayed into fighting back against North Korean aggression, and this would be good for the entire world. North Korea has become even more of a menace as of late, with the heartbreaking Otto Warmbier case and the rouge nation’s agitating war games being the most recent examples.

Whatever ultimately happens between the U.S. and Russia, it would benefit both countries if fighting words were deescalated. Any kind of diplomacy is better than nuclear annihilation. It is common knowledge that neither country can afford war with the other — it would be mutually-assured destruction. Diplomatically, both nations can work together on shared goals, like destroying the Islamic State, and hash out the more contentious issues firmly and peacefully.