JUST IN: Putin Makes Surprise Announcement About His Future

It looks like we might be hearing about Russian President Vladimir Putin for a long time.

On Friday, the Russian President insinuated that he may stay in office for the rest of his life. During a question and answer session in Sochi, Putin told students, “Only after I answer this question for myself will I think about my next step.”

Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia in 1999, succeeding Boris Yeltsin. After his first two terms were concluded, he became Prime Minister. After his four years as Prime Minister, he returned to the Russian presidency.

Putin’s second election as president was rife with controversy. The opposing party accused him of rigging the election in his favor — the same allegations were made in his election as Prime Minister. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also stated that she believed Putin had rigged the election.

It is believed that Clinton’s statement was one of the reasons why the Russians launched cyberattacks against the Democratic Party. Putin publicly blamed Clinton for the protests against his presidency. Politico reported that Putin showed public agitation over it, accusing Clinton of making “a signal” to protesters working “with the support of the U.S. State Department” to subvert him. “We need to safeguard ourselves from this interference in our internal affairs,” said Putin.

Many of Putin’s political opponents have stated their opinion that the reason he annexed Crimea was because he wanted to strengthen his political position. As a matter of fact, The Washington Examiner reported on comments then-opposition leader Boris Nemtsov made in an anti-Putin report.”The annexation of Crimea to Russia with the active support of state propaganda enabled Putin to strengthen radically his own legitimacy,” wrote Nemtsov. “His popularity rating reached record levels.”

Boris Nemtsov was murdered by a group of Chechen men while he was writing the report. The report was published after he was killed. Russian law enforcement has not discovered who paid the Chechens to kill Nemtsov.

The relationship between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has been a source of some controversy. The left — through the mainstream media — have worked hard to convince the American public that the president collaborated with the Russian government to sway the election in Trump’s favor. However, the two leaders have clashed on various issues in regards to the civil war in Syria. Trump has taken actions that have conflicted with Russia’s interests, but the media ignores this fact because it does not fit into their narrative.

President Trump is showing that it’s possible to work with Russia on key goals, like fighting terrorism, without fully trusting Putin. Trump is playing a smart game. Do you agree? Let everyone know in the poll!

It is unclear how the relationship between the United States and Russia will progress going forward, but if Vladimir Putin remains in power, we can be sure that he will continue to further Russia’s interests, even at the expense of the United States if he can.

However, previous presidents were not willing to check the Russian leader — indeed, President Obama gave in to Putin on several occasions. But President Trump’s “America First” approach is already showing that he will not make the same mistakes. Trump is playing a smart game with Russia and America will not be on the losing end.