BREAKING: Putin Sends Dire Message to N. Korea

North Korea is quickly losing China and Russia’s support, further isolating the communist regime as they struggle to develop nuclear weapons.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister issued a warning to the communist government of North Korea after their latest nuclear tests. Sergei Ryabkov told the North Korean government to stop provoking the American military. He insinuated that continued military testing and aggression from the communist dictatorship would only end in the destruction of North Korea, according to Daily Caller.

“Those who are smarter and stronger should show restraint,” charged the Russian deputy foreign minister. “Given the current situation, any miscalculation may lead to a political or military outbreak, rather than to a nuclear test like the one recently conducted, which actually reflects the deteriorating situation in Northeast Asia,” Ryabkov said. He added that “there should be no room for escalation.”

Essentially, Ryabkov is demanding that North Korea stop agitating the American military. Tensions in Northeast Asia are at an all-time high, and any misstep could see the outbreak of war.

In his statement, Ryabkov referred to North Korea’s claims to have successfully detonated an extremely powerful hydrogen bomb over the weekend. North Korean authorities released a statement claiming that they successfully detonated both a hydrogen bomb, and a thermonuclear warhead.

Experts observed significant seismic activity — equivalent to a 6.3 magnitude earthquake — after North Korea detonated their thermonuclear device. While American military officials have not confirmed the communist regime’s claims, the intense seismic activity could only be produced by an explosive yield over 100 kilotons. This is the most powerful explosion ever produced by North Korea, according to Daily Caller.

Earlier this summer, North Korea successfully launched their Hwasong-14 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). Experts say this missile is capable of striking large swaths of the continental United States. North Korea’s tests over the weekend suggest that the rogue nation is capable of mounting a nuclear warhead to their ICBM. If true, this would render North Korea an official nuclear power, with weapons capable of striking the United States.

According to experts, if a 100 kiloton bomb were detonated about half a mile above a major American city, it would decimate almost every civilian structure.

Even Putin is telling North Korea to stop provoking the United States. Do US citizens support military action?

Secretary of Defense James Mattis responded to the recent test, warning North Korea that, should they continue provoking the United States, they would be met with a “massive military response.” He went on to warn North Korea that any further threats towards American allies or territories, such as Guam, would force the American military to respond.

This warning parallels the remarks offered by Ryabkov. However, the Russian deputy foreign minister maintains that rising tensions require a peaceful resolution. “We believe that Pyongyang should stop its provocative actions, which destabilize the situation, but after saying this, I cannot but point out that this protracted crisis can only be resolved through political and diplomatic means,” he explained.

Now, all eyes are on North Korea. Will the communist regime continue to escalate tensions and continue their provocative missile testing? Or will the rogue nation back down now that they have developed a deterrent to American military might?