BREAKING: Putin Issues Stunning “Trump” Statement, No One Saw This Coming

Despite the baseless claims by the media that President Donald Trump somehow colluded to steal the 2016 election with Russia, many Americans are not buying it. Since Russian President Vladimir Putin is also involved in this so-called “conspiracy,” it seems right that he gets to voice his opinion on the matter, too.

According to The Washington Times, Putin stated at the Valdai International Discussion Club that “Mr. Trump was elected by the American people. And at least for this reason it is necessary to show respect for him, even if you do not agree with some of his positions.” 

This is quite the bold statement for the Russian president to make. He has already been under fire for allegedly working with President Trump in the past, though no known evidence supports this theory.

Furthermore, without any evidence, a special counsel led by Robert Mueller was formed to investigate the matter. Many are asking — why would there be a need for a special counsel if there is no evidence to support the case?

Putin said at the event, “I believe that the president of the United States does not need any advice because one has to possess certain talent and go through this trial to be elected, even without having the experience of such big administrative work. He [Mr. Trump] has done this.”

President Trump was elected by the American people. It doesn’t matter if he has no “experience of such big administrative work,” which sounds like Putin’s way of referring to government experience.

Putin added, “He won honestly.” There are reasons why he beat a lifelong Wall Street-backed opponent in Hillary Clinton. President Trump deserves to be respected after his sweeping victory in the 2016 election. He is our elected representative, whether the Left likes that or not.

The American people were tired of finding themselves in the same situation over and over. President Trump was something new — something that could shake the system to the core.

The president has certainly managed to shake up the system. Many don’t see that as a good thing, but sometimes, you need to shake up the foundation to get back on track again.

President Trump is the candidate that middle America picked. He offered all of the things that we’re so sorely lacking as a nation.  He promised jobs, a sturdy health care system, immigration policy, and a tough-on-crime stance that Americans love. Patriots everywhere are thankful to have someone in office who cares more about this country than others, and who cares about its citizens more than illegal immigrants.

So far, the president has managed to deliver on most of those fronts, regardless of Congress fighting him every step of the way. It cannot be denied that he is doing the best that he can, given the circumstances.

The president has managed to accomplish such feats early on in his presidency. If he can continue to make leaps and bounds on fixing some of the problem areas in this country, people will continue to support him. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin understands that.