Publishing Company Smacks Down Its Own Employees Who Tried to Cancel Amy Coney Barrett’s Upcoming Book

Amy Coney Barrett has begun work on her next book — described by her publisher as focusing on why judges shouldn’t allow their decisions to be shaped by personal feelings — advice it seems the left would do well to heed.

For her part, Amy will garner a sizeable $2 million advance for the book, a figure similar to a deal offered to Clarence Thomas for his own book, Politico reported.

In a letter signed by over 600 people, including many from various publishers, Penguin Random House is asked to re-evaluate its decision to publish the book, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The letter argues that Justice Barrett’s June ruling in favor of overturning Roe v Wade represented an attack on human rights, as well as rights to “privacy, self determination and bodily autonomy along with the federal right to an abortion in the United States.”

Seventy-five of the letter’s more than 625 signatures come from self-identified Penguin Random House employees.

The company employs close to 11,000 globally, with over 5,000 employees in the U.S. alone.

Adrian Zackheim, publisher of Sentinel imprint of Bertelsmann SE’s Penguin Random House, was first to publicly comment.


“We remain fully committed to publishing authors who, like Justice Barrett, substantively shape today’s most important conversations,” Zackheim said, the Journal reported.

Following Adrian’s statement, PEN America also issued a statement of their own.

“PEN America rejects calls for the cancellation of a planned book by Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett,” the statement began.

“It is the role of major publishers to make available a wide array of ideas and perspectives.” the statement continued.

This is hardly the left’s first attempt to cancel a popular figure over their personal beliefs.

Cancel culture is far reaching, gripping the TV industry, comedy and, as we’ve seen, the Supreme Court.

The Rock was attacked for daring to support Joe Rogan; the host of the bachelor, Chris Harrison, was deemed racist for asking that the mob not make assumptions about a girl based on one picture, and even Teddy Roosevelt — it seems — isn’t safe.

As more and more of us become targets of political demagogues, it is up to courageous business leaders like these to take a stand for free speech.

Ironically, those trying to cancel the book because of the writer’s personal opinions are the ones who are most in need of its message.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.