BREAKING: Forensic Psychologist Exposes Horrifying Clinton Revelation

Hillary Clinton is one of the most interesting figures in modern American political history. Her public career can be seen as a nearly life-long quest to become president of the United States–only to have her hopes dashed twice by unexpected candidates.

A forensic psychologist contributing to the Daily Caller recently offered a unique perspective on Clinton’s mental state: He claims Clinton is a sociopath who escapes getting caught through her impulsive lying and extensive knowledge of the law.

Armando Simon spent many years in the field as a forensic psychologist. Based on his experience with sociopaths, Simon declares unequivocally that Clinton meets all the criteria of a sociopathic individual.

He writes: “Let me state categorically that she is a true, certifiable, sociopath.” Simon goes on to cite Clinton’s penchant for lying as one of the chief indicators of her alleged mental disturbance, going so far as to call the former presidential candidate a “pathological liar.”

“First, she has proven herself to be a pathological liar: Clinton insisted her server was authorized when it was not, she boasted of being under enemy fire in Iraq, she didn’t think drone strike locations were classified …”

Simon notes that “a compulsive liar will often lie when there is no need to lie, no point to it, like at one point Hillary claimed to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to have climbed to the top of Mt. Everest (she was born in 1947 before that famous accomplishment, 1953).”

The forensic psychologist argues that sociopaths are unable to keep themselves from committing crimes–and claims the Clintons have displayed that tendency with “suspicious” behavior on a number of occasions.

Simon cites the notable incident in which the Clintons stole at least $190,000 worth of White House furniture and other items after Bill Clinton’s presidency ended, a story reported by the New York Times. When caught, they returned the belongings.

However, according to the New York Post, Clinton has been accused of taking furniture from the State Department after she stepped down from the role as secretary of state in 2013. Simon claims sociopaths repeat the same crimes over and over again, especially when they manage to avoid punishment for their actions. And he says the Clintons are adept at evading the legal consequences.

The forensic psychologist describes Bill and Hillary Clinton as high IQ individuals. As lawyers, they are both extremely familiar with the law. And they allegedly employ a “wide network” of “extremely loyal minions” who are well-trained in keeping the Clintons’ supposed misdeeds a secret.

Simon writes that the Clintons’ aides are individuals “who have been thoroughly and efficiently trained on how to circumvent and sabotage investigations and interrogations (for example, you cannot be tried for perjury for saying, ‘I can’t remember,’ but you can if you say, ‘I don’t know’).”

Nevertheless, Simon explains that because sociopaths are unable to keep themselves from committing crimes, they are typically caught eventually–and he suggests the law may catch up with the Clintons eventually. Until then, the American people remain intrigued by Hillary Clinton’s ongoing finger-pointing for her 2016 election loss.