WATCH: Pro-Trump Cowboy Gives Libs a Blistering Lashing They Won’t Soon Forget

The term Nazi has come up frequently among the Liberals since President Trump’s election victory last November. One cowboy has had enough of the lies.

Chad Prather, A.K.A. Political Cowboy, is well-known for his social media presence, as well as his appearances on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and more. His recent video is making waves with both Liberals and Conservatives for an important reason.  Prather proves that the “Nazi threat” that the Left pushes is overblown, and a fabrication of the mainstream media. No one is celebrating the death of Heather Heyer from Charlottesville, and the man who did it will be executed. 

Prather starts by pointing out that the word Nazi isn’t the first term overused by the radical Left. There were, and still are, words like misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, Russian colluder, and so forth.

These words have lost their meaning. What used to mean a really horrible person now means anyone who is politically right of Maxine Waters, as Prather points out.

In today’s times, that is the worst part about the word Nazi. One doesn’t need to wave a Nazi flag — all they have to do is have differing opinions from the modern day Liberal, and they are labeled and grouped with the Nazis.

Prather states that you if you don’t disagree with the “Nazis” then you must, in fact, be a Nazi, according to Liberal logic. He goes on to speak about Trump’s address when he stated that Antifa is just as bad as the Nazis.

You have to devote all your hatred towards Nazis. If you try to allocate your hatred towards any other group, you must, according to Liberals, support the Nazis.

President Trump came out and shot down all groups that were bringing hatred in Charlottesville, including the white supremacists and the homegrown Anarcho-Communist terrorist group, Antifa. Apparently, people are supposed to be perfectly fine with Antifa beating people to the ground, just so long as they are wearing a Trump hat.

The irony here is that the Left and Antifa both have a goal of stopping fascists. In fact, Antifa’s name literally means anti-fascists. Their goal is to beat people down who don’t agree with them politically.


Prather goes on to point out that the real Nazi’s in the United States, that is to say, the White Supremacists, are nothing compared to the real Nazis. “Real Nazis invaded Poland while today’s Nazis invade their mother’s basement.”

The Political Cowboy is fed up with the Nazi Narrative. Do you agree the term is misused and overused?

“Real Nazis rounded up and exterminated the Jewish people because they didn’t like the way that they looked. Today’s Nazi’s can’t gather up their Red Box DVDs to avoid late fees,” Prather says, with his tongue in his cheek.

His final point is about the woman who died in Charlottesville, Heather Heyer. No one is going to be celebrating her death. No one is going to be praising the man who committed this horrific crime. He is now in jail, and that is where he is going to stay until he is executed. No one is on this man’s side, and the Liberals just cannot accept this basic truth.