BREAKING: Powerful Republican Resigns

A Republican leader who is supportive of President Trump is hard to come by these days, but we may be losing one.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has resigned from his position, without giving a reason for the career change, as reported by Fox News.

“After almost forty years serving the great people of Milwaukee County, I have chosen to retire to pursue other opportunities,” said Clarke. “I will have news about my next steps in the very near future.”

A high-profile member of law enforcement, Sheriff Clarke’s actions drew leftist criticism. But, the leader has been respected for his tough-on-crime policies and his no-nonsense attitude.

Sheriff Clarke’s social media presence and frequent appearances on Fox News endeared him to the public. He frequently criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, and was always concerned about the balance between an individual’s privacy and security measures.

Sheriff Clarke has spoken at two NRA national meetings, and has partnered with the NRA to produce a pro-police video. The former Sheriff has always been an outspoken advocate of second amendment rights, leading some to suggest that he might consider working with the NRA as his next career move.

There have been widespread rumors that Clarke is leaving his post to serve the Trump Administration in some capacity. However, the Washington Post’s two anonymous sources, who are close to Clarke, say a position in the Trump Administration is an unlikely move for the former Sheriff.¬†Instead, they suggest that Clarke is more likely to take a position with an independent group which supports the president.

For his part, the 61-year-old Sheriff was more than a year away from finishing his fourth term as Sheriff, and has characterized his early leave as retirement. He did serve the community for almost 40 years. Clarke has not hinted as to his next step, but says he will have information about it soon.

In June, the Sheriff was reportedly being considered for a position with Homeland Security, but he ended up withdrawing his name.

There have also been calls for Clarke to participate in politics more directly. Wisconsin leaders have asked Clarke to run against a Democrat Senator for the state, Tammy Baldwin. Clarke has declined these requests.

Clarke has already published a book, titled Cop Under Fire. In this book, he encourages us to move past race-baiting and to seek unity as a country, and take responsibility for ourselves and our problems. It is exactly the kind of leadership we need, and it’s precisely the sort of leadership we’ve lacked for the past eight years.

While we are losing a Sheriff who was a strong supporter of President Trump, I doubt Clarke will remain out of the spotlight for long. Surely, he will re-emerge as a leader in a new area, and remain as supportive of our president and as vocal on the key issues as he always has been.

Those in Milwaukee County have long benefited from Clarke’s leadership, but I say it’s about time they share him with the rest of us!