Is Portland Turning Into New York City?  Video Captures Woman Pushing Child Onto Train Tracks

An Oregon woman has been charged after an incident in which a 3-year-old child was pushed onto the tracks at a Portland commuter train station.

Brianna Lace Workman, 32, who is listed as homeless but living in Portland, faces multiple charges, according to Oregon Live.

She faces charges of first-degree attempted assault, which is a felony, and misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault, interfering with public transportation, second-degree disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and harassment in the Dec. 28 incident, which was caught on surveillance video.

Journalist Andy Ngo noted that in the past, “Antifa & far-left activists in the city have argued against police patrolling public transport, saying it endangers people.”

WARNING: The following video contains images the viewer may find disturbing

Pushing waiting passengers onto tracks has become a recurring issue in New York City, where the New York Post reported incidents in October and November. New York City Mayor Eric Adams called one October incident in which a woman was killed a “senseless act of violence.”

In the Oregon incident, the video shows a woman and her child waiting for a train as another individual moves forward from a bench against the wall and pushes the child face-first onto the tracks.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department said the incident at the Gateway Transit Center MAX platform in Northeast Portland came without “provocation,” according to Fox News.

The child was rescued by a bystander before that train arrived at the station.

The girl had a headache and a red mark on her face from the impact, according to Oregon Live.

The incident stunned many.

“That was really cruel. You know, like people just don’t care anymore, they don’t have respect,” Michael Reed, who rides the trains, said, according to KPTV-TV.

The Associated Press reported that Workman will be held without bail.

According to KGW-TV,  Workman has several felony convictions, with the most recent in 2013 for possession of heroin. She also has several misdemeanor charges on her record.

In June 2021, she was arrested after she was accused of slashing a man with a knife, that charge was later dropped.

The probable cause affidavit from that incident quoted Workman as saying she “had a mental breakdown” and “blacked out.”

“I don’t know why I hit him,” Workman was quoted as saying. “I was trying to kill myself by stabbing him.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.