Portland Mother Finds Horrifying Objects in Her Own Garden – Now She’s Getting Her Kids Out of Town

Evelyn MacPherson’s hometown can no longer be her home. Although the mother of seven has roots that run deep in Portland, Oregon, she is moving now that drugs have invaded the tiny space of her garden.

“I don’t feel good about raising my kids here anymore,” MacPherson said, according to KOIN-TV.

She recently found fentanyl pills in her garden. She said the police were called and they told her what the pills were.

“I couldn’t even believe this is in my yard, where my kids play. They were just out here playing on the trampoline yesterday. What if … what if my curious 6-year-old had picked it up, what if my 8-year-old picked it up?” she said.

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, she said the move comes with great sadness. safety, according to Fox News.

“They’re forcing me … out of my home … I grew up down the street from here. My parents still will live five blocks from right here, and I don’t get to live close to my parents and feel safe, so it’s pretty disappointing,” she said.

MacPherson has a general idea of how the deadly drugs came into her yard.

“I’m actually uncertain how it would have gotten precisely there, but I do suspect that it has to do with the camps that we have, both on one side and the other,” MacPherson said.

“We’re in between two busy streets and there’s a lot of drug trafficking that goes on between those areas, and we’ve had a lot of camping. We’re pretty close to the freeway, unfortunately, and so there is a lot of camping around us,” she said.

As noted by KOIN, MacPherson took her story to a recent Multnomah County Commissioners Board Meeting.

“I have a camp near me that’s been trafficking drugs. I’ve reported this camp numerous times, it was cleared, they returned within 24 hours — the same exact campers. Stolen items, urine, all kinds of things litter this camp. Every time they clear it, they come right back,” she told the TV station.

“I’m told it’s because of the area I live in. I refuse to accept that. I live at the base of Mt. Tabor in a very diverse area, people diverse in culture, background and their incomes. This is not an isolated incident, it’s everywhere. We should be funding programs that actually incentivize people getting well and being out of crime but instead, we’re incentivizing them being further and further into their addictions and criminal behavior,” MacPherson said.

“Before anyone assumes I have an issue with addicts themselves, I live among addicts, and I have many in my family. I can tell you one thing that doesn’t help an addict, continually enables them, over and over again.” MacPherson said then, according to KPTV-TV.

The county responded to Fox News in a statement, saying, “Multnomah County’s policies do not incentivize illicit drug use. To the contrary, Multnomah County’s policies and programs incentivize drug users to get well.”

“I think those are words,” MacPherson said on Fox News.

“I think that they say things like that. They don’t have anything in place to actually incentivize. I think it’s a way to just shut everybody up and tell us that they’re just doing what they’re supposed to do, but I think we would see results if that was the case,” she said.

After dealing with needles and trespassers, MacPherson has had enough and is preparing to move.

“My basement’s full of boxes at the moment, both empty and half-packed,” she said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.