JUST IN: Popular Restaurant Caught Attacking Our National Anthem

This story should serve as a warning to all conservatives and American patriots — avoid this restaurant for its inept display of anti-Americanism.

At a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Riverside, California, an employee silenced the National Anthem during the Monday Night Football game during the anniversary of 9/11, according to Breitbart. This move provoked outrage among the restaurant’s customers.

On Facebook, one individual named Steve Smith has written an entire rundown of the ordeal and its aftermath.

“So, I’ve heard from a friend that a Buffalo Wild Wings Manager muted the sound while the National Anthem was performed during a recent football game,” Smith posted on his Facebook wall.

Smith’s post continues with a direct accusation leveled at the restaurant’s corporate headquarters: “The manager said that it was a directive from the corporate office to mute the sound during the National Anthem because it was too controversial. I would like to see a response from Buffalo Wild Wings corporate office regarding this situation, please.”

The restaurant’s manager maintained his position that muting the National Anthem is company policy as the restaurant’s customers complained. Again, the manager claimed that the anthem is “too controversial.”

So far, the corporate headquarters of Buffalo Wild Wings have responded by stating that they do not have a standard policy regarding the National Anthem. The Riverside County Buffalo Wild Wings has also apologized, and has reiterated the corporate position that no such policy exists. Could it be that this was all the doing of one manager?

This controversy comes on the heels of a renewed protest campaign by several NFL players, all of whom are refusing to stand for the National Anthem. As was the case last season, this politicization of the game is adversely impacting the NFL’s bottom line.

One poll conducted by ESPN writer Darren Rovell found that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protests last year were the main reason why so many Americans decided to turn off the NFL on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

While the NFL has tried to put a fresh coating on this situation, the truth is that football in America is actually in jeopardy. Not only are Americans increasingly turning off the NFL because of new studies about CTE and other conditions related to concussions, but more and more Americans, especially middle class Americans, are refusing to let their sons play the game at all. Unless this trajectory changes, the NFL may be just a generation away from being neither popular, nor relevant.

All of this information once again points out the obvious — far-Left politics are not widely popular, nor does adopting them help any company. The NFL, ESPN, and Buffalo Wild Wings are learning the hard way that Americans are willing to give up chicken wings and football if it means protecting their national pride.

Loving your country, its traditions, and its people is far more important than rooting for professional football teams or forking over money to chain restaurants. It’s good to see that more and more Americans are waking to the reality that they have to fight back in this culture war.