Popular Bodybuilder Dies Suddenly at Age 43

Bodybuilder Andreas Frey of Germany died suddenly last week at the age of 43.

His death Oct. 20 was announced Saturday on the Facebook page of Frey Nutrition, a company he founded that sells protein supplements and other items related to bodybuilding.

“It is with deep sorrow that we must announce that Andreas Frey, founder of FREY Nutrition, passed away on the night of October 20,” said the post, translated from German. It said he “died suddenly in his sleep.”

“Our sympathy goes out to his deceased, especially his wife Ina and his daughters Anna and Lisa,” the post said.

The post said that Frey’s widow, Ina Frey, who was a co-founder of the company, will now run the enterprise.

“Frey Nutrition thus remains in the family hands and will carry on Andreas’ philosophy ‘THE BEST OR NOTHING’ in his sense,” the post said.

The post did not provide a cause of death.

The website Generation Iron said Frey began competing in bodybuilding at the age of 15.

His 20s were the peak of his career, and in 2006 he was the runner-up during the DPI Night Of Champions.

In 2007, he suffered a pectoral injury and retired from competing.

During his abbreviated career, he won 15 of the 33 shows in which he competed.

His death prompted health adviser Beverly Daley Grandison to offer a caution to the world of bodybuilding.

“This is very sad. Dead at 43 yrs old. Too many deaths in this sport happening in the last 2 yrs. This is a very serious competitive sport that neglects the importance of fueling their bodies properly,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Please get informed and educate our younger generation. Not sure what he died from but I’m aware a lot of these guys pump a lot of creatine and unhealthy supplements to bulk up, which is not good for the body. Do your research,” she said.

According to the website Medico Topics, Frey was born in Romania and later moved to Germany.

The site said he initially had an interest in fitness when he was 9, but turned away from it, only to later return to bodybuilding.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.