HAPPENING NOW: Police Move Against Antifa…

With their increasing hostility and propensity to harm anyone and everyone at their anti-protests, Antifa is becoming a serious threat — wherever they go.

Police at a Kansas City protest anticipated Antifa violence, and took measures to make the public saferaccording to KansasCity.com. The police ordered members with firearms to remove their ammunition before they could attend the protest.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT for America, said on her Facebook page that the organization was demonstrating their support for the victims of 9/11 — “we honor those lost on 9/11, and unite to defend the America we love and cherish so deeply. #DayOfACTion #SaturdayMorning.”

According to KSHB News, ACT for America originally intended a nationwide protest, but instead opted for an online demonstration. It may have to do with the anticipated presence of Antifa members, who view the organization as anti-Muslim.

One Antifa member, Sonja Hitchcock, said she was in attendance to oppose the supposed rise of racism in America, stating, “The hoods are off more than ever, I think we saw that in Charlottesville and white folks more than ever, we need to say ‘that is a problem.’”

To avoid a violent confrontation, and possible loss of life, Kansas City police ordered Antifa members who were carrying weapons to remove the ammunition from their guns (and persons) before they could attend the demonstration.

Sergeant Kari Thompson of the Kansas City Police Department cited a city ordinance that prohibits weapons “readily capable of lethal force,” essentially ruling that Antifa members could still carry their guns, just not their ammo.

Captain Stacey Graves said that a demonstration on August 20th at the Country Club Plaza and Mill Creek Park inspired the police to issue the order. There, individuals arrived with rifles (and other weapons) to protest, and created a tense atmosphere — with many worrying of potential violence.

To avoid any issues, Graves said the police disarmed both sides of the conflict on Saturday’s protest, stating, “After the August 20 demonstration where there were several people armed in the park, we looked further into ordinances involving openly carrying firearms. This Saturday, we contacted people on both sides of the issues that were carrying firearms. Everyone was cooperative.”

Rick Smith, Kansas City’s police chief, said the move was made to ensure that the protest remained peaceful, claiming, “It is slated to involve numerous groups and hundreds of people from across the political and ideological spectrum. We also are prepared that some of those people will have differing viewpoints and may not get along. Our only duty will be to ensure that everyone is safe as they exercise their constitutional right to free speech.”

Surprisingly, the Antifa members peacefully complied with the order, though they intend to fight back legally at a later date, claiming the measure violated their open carry rights under state law.

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Their compliance to turn over the ammunition is especially surprising considering one Antifa group, Kansas City Revolutionary Collective, believes there is a supposed cooperation between Kansas City PD and white supremacists, according to an article on their webpage.

Stating the supposed allegiance, they issued a call for their members to arm themselves and be knowledgeable about how to use guns, saying, “If we wish to protect ourselves, our class, and defeat the horrors of organized fascism then we must pick up and familiarize ourselves with the gun.”

Thankfully the Kansas City police had the foresight to disarm the Antifa members, and thankfully they were peacefully cooperative with the order. Considering the levels of violence at previous demonstrations, who knows what could have happened this time if they’d have been allowed to remain armed.